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Whole Foods Grass-Fed Ground Beef Sale, again

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  • Whole Foods Grass-Fed Ground Beef Sale, again

    Someone here mentioned it yesterday for Atlanta, in Boston as well, so probably nationwide. Grassfed ground beef $4.99/lb, 9/2 only.

    Also, Green and Black's organic chocolate, $2.50/bar. I can say the 85% is pretty damn good.
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    They had 16oz bottles of Nordic Naturals Omega 3 (liquid form) for $18!!! That's over 50% off.

    Deal of the century.

    Any feelings on the quality of their "Panorama Grass Fed beef"?

    There are some places here that sell more local grass fed...I think I prefer it...but if I didn't have that option, I'd be all over the WF sale.


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      $4.99 in NYC too. I got two lbs, now thinking I should go back tomorrow and get a lot more for the freezer. Great price!


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        Shoot. Thinking hard about walking up to 24th St right now. Store is open until 11.


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          I hate it that I am out of town, otherwise my freezer would be full!


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            they put a limit 10lbs per person so i was actually able to get some this time after work, unlike last time when they were totally sold out by like 1pm. I only got 3 lbs. what was i thinking? i shoulda gotten 4; i cooked up 2 lbs of it last nite!


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              I got it last time, and was not impressed with the quality of their gf ground beef. I eat/buy a lot of gf and theirs just wasn't as good as what I've had from other sources.


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                Really? A 10lb. Limit? I live in theSan Francisco bay area and the WF near me let me buy 20 lbs. Of the stuff.

                I took a pound of the stuff this morning, mixed it with coriander powder, tumeric, garlic powder, and fresh ground pepper sauteed it in EVOO alig with spinach and scrambled eggs and finished it in the broiler to make a meat and egg pie/fritatta.

                It was awesome!
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                  I realize the sale is over, but for future reference with Whole Foods: read the fine print and quiz the dude behind the counter carefully. In my area, the beef they have is grass-fed, but it is not grass-finished.

                  For only $1 more a pound (everyday price), I can get truly grass-fed/grass-finished ground beef at Trader Joe's.

                  There is a poster here who used to work for Whole Foods, and he confirmed that they advertise grass-fed, but it is actually grain-finished.

                  Maybe your region is different. Check.
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                    Sourcing may be different across the US. I'll trust the labeling when it says 100% grass fed, if that definition is being twisted then I give up. Unfortunately, no TJ's near me sells grass fed beef.
                    Wheat is the new tobacco. Spread the word.