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    I feel incredibly lame for even posting this...

    But when you've made lifestyle changes and found all your old friends are just dragging you down, how do you go about finding new ones?

    I have little to no interest in hanging out with my old college buds who drink like fishes, eat SAD, and only care about sports and politics.

    What have you all done to build a network of like-minded, but local, friends?

    Has Mark ever thought about making regional forums to help people hook up in their areas and promote the grokking?

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    I wonder at your definition of friends. I keep few friends, and they're all like family.

    Now if you mean acquaintances? Oh well hell, just go do new stuff and meet people! Talk to people. It's like meeting the old people, but these are new ones and do different things. Go do yoga and talk to bendy people. Go to a shooting range and talk to Charlie Daniels, etc.

    Regional forums would be a bad idea, this forum isn't large or active enough. There would basically be a bunch of dead threads.
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      There is a Seattle group with 51 members.
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        Had no idea...mosie-ing over there now... Thanks!


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          take an interest in what others are interested in.

          don't discount old college pals because of dissimilar interests, just take a genuine curiosity to their likes.

          but of course, making new friends with similar interests is good too.


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            I have a couple of people from work who introduced me to this life-style and we talk about stuff... but really I have become so much of a homebody that I don't go out to make new friends. I got tired of people ditching the plans you've made at the last minute, I don't drink or party or go to a sports bar to watch sports.... I would rather do my own thing, and spend what little off time I have with my kid.


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              I found the best way to make new friends is to find people and do stuff with them. What makes the difference between an acquaintance and a friend is the time you spend together and the adventures you share. I suggest trying a new sport, preferably where you have to interact with a lot of people. I started BJJ a year ago and all the regulars are now very good friends, I'm really glad I met them.


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                im kind of in the same boat, all my old friends do nothing but go to the bars and drink. i have no desire to do that so i dont really hang out with any of them anymore. i now find i dont really have very many close friends and im not very good at making new ones which sucks. i mostly just hang out at home with the wife
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                  Depending on where you live, you could try looking through and see if there is a primal or paleo group that gets together. It's a great way to meet people with similar interests, especially if you are active and go to running, hiking, walking, etc types of meetups. There should be some sort of events calendar or something in your area.
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                    Join the local crossfit box. They generally eat like us and are a very friendly and encouraging bunch of people.


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                      Made friends with a bunch of brewers last night. It's like making friends with drug dealers, they don't often indulge in their product. (The good ones at least.)
                      My Fitday public journal.
                      Me vs. Russian Boar, hunt is on Aug. 20th. WHAT'S MORE PRIMAL THAN THAT?!
                      Recently survived Warrior Dash, New England.
                      Game Developer, ex-Chef, long time Fatbody.