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    Glad you had some time away dmc. How are you doing with the whole 30 (90) thing?
    I'm doing really well now. I've got away from the all or nothing mentality and if I do have a non paleo treat it doesn't derail me. I'm also not wanting to waste my health on any bad food unless it is spectacularly good. I think I've finally got into a mode that will work for me long term.
    I've lost a little weight and my CW partner confessed yesterday he is the heaviest he has ever been.
    We had sushi for dinner last night but I made mine with cauliflour rice. It actually tasted great. My eldest daughter laughed at it, but I'm past caring about that now.


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      Just wanted to toss a thanks to everyone for commenting on this thread, just spent time reading through the pages and making some notes.

      We are TTC for about a year now, although I would say only half of that time have been viable months (husband travels for work and his hobby so timing is not always good). I have tried to take a relaxed approach to it, but after a year and turning 36, I am realizing I might need to get a bit more serious.

      While my health in general is better on a primal/paleo diet, I have had long time problems with my cycles that while improved somewhat are still super painful and heavy. In the last few months I really think I am starting to get my head around how its all tied together. Probably lingering adrenal fatigue issues and estrogen dominance are making my cycles worse.

      Since it has been a year I am going to start getting serious and get labs for hormone levels and such (I did have a vaginal ultrasound late last year though and that was fine). I am going to my acupuncturist weekly (just started) who is very very good at fertility problems, and I have also cut out all my exercise except yoga and walking as well as caffeine in all forms (including chocolate, oh my friend). I have modified a few of my supplements in the last couple months, doing more to support my adrenals especially.

      I am trying to be patient, boy that is easier said then done.

      I spent most of my life not even thinking about having children. I was so sick, fibromyalgia, interstitial cystitis, major food intolerances, chronic fatigue, I could barely take care of myself most days so I never ever considered bringing a child into the situation. I have been on the upswing and healing for over 6 years, I am officially ready and its amazing how your mentality can shift about this type of thing. From not at all to HURRY UP all ready!!

      Thanks again, off to work on my to do list after reading through the thread.
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        Welcome, Meadow! It sounds like you've been through a lot.I'm glad that you are healing. It definitely does take time. I started acupuncture about a year and a half ago. Definitely had some of the signs of adrenal fatigue, including horrific night sweats, but all of that has disappeared. I think the acupuncture, combined with primal/whole food eating, has really improved the way I feel and, hopefully, the possibility of conceiving. Getting your hormones tested is always a good idea so that you have a sense of where you're at.

        Hi, Rose! Your plan sounds very sensible: just deciding to make good decisions each day. And I agree: make it the "good stuff" if you're going to go off your plan. I'm doing pretty good. I did have a sandwich (!) when we were in the mountains, hiking (our trip was a last minute thing so I didn't plan a primal option there) but other than that, I'm doing good. I'm desperately missing, however, decaf coffee. I know it is silly, but I LOVE the taste. I've read different things about caffeine, but my nutritionist said the real issue is the acidity in coffee, which isn't good for your system when you're TTC. Have others heard that? So, herbal and green tea (one cup of the latter, to be eliminated completely next week when I have my trigger shot). Fortunately, I'm no longer caffeine dependent, so it won't be hard to give up. I wish that I could find a decaf green jasmine tea! If any of you know of one, please let me know. I'd prefer organic.

        Have a great day!!


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          Thanks for the good wishes, everyone!

          I'm still at the downregulation stage, was supposed to start the stim injections yesterday but that was postponed as I hadn't shed my uterine lining. I was slightly disappointed at first (as I didn't realise that was necessary, the info they'd given me says "you may have a period during downregulation"), but then I realised it gives me a bit more time to shed more excess weight!

          Dmc, Meadow, I admire you for giving up caffeine! I reduced my coffee consumption to only 2-2.5 cups a day (from 4-6), and occasional green or white tea (I replaced it with redbush tea). I also heard different things about caffeine, and many of them positive...

          Regarding pre-natal vitamins, I take a store brand pill. I'm used to taking a multivit/min, and the pre-natals have the required quantity of folic acid (400mg, compared to 200mg in regular supplements). I also take fish oil and Vit D, sometimes alpha-lipoic acid and occasionally digestive enzymes. Oh, and magnesium as a body oil spray. Also thinking about adding some CoQ10.

          Think happy fertile thoughts, ladies!


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            What kind of supps are people taking? I know I take too many, but.....

            Vitamin D: good for everything
            Evening Primrose oil: I found this keeps my cycles on track, but I think I'm supposed to stop taking them for the last 2 weeks of my cycle
            Omega-3: in some form or another, naturopath suggested I switch sources once in awhile
            Maca, Royal Jelly, Vitex: supposed to improve fertility through nutrients, improve egg quality, etc.
            Red raspberry leaf tea: "tones your uterus" or something, supposed to help excessively heavy periods (stupid Clomid)
            Pre-natal: I just take it to spackle over any deficiencies

            I take other stuff, too. These are just the fertility-related ones =D
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              I've not looked into caffeine in depth. I've reduced it down to 1 cup of decaf a day. I can understand how you are missing it dmc.

              Regarding supplementation, I take:
              occasional iron
              vitamin D


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                I have access to organic, water processed decaf. From what I hear, the caffeine in this kind of coffee isn't the problem (it is minimal and the decaffeinating process doesn't involve harsh chemicals). Apparently, it has something to do with the acidity of coffee and how it can affect your PH balance. Have others heard anything about this?

                I'm currently taking:
                Prenatals (Pure something...I can't recall the name and don't have them on hand. My naturalpath recommended them). I know that someone mentioned they had constipation problems with them, but so far, so good.
                Probiotics, 2x per day
                Omega 3/DHA, I teaspoon a day
                5000 IUI of Vitamin D
                M/R/S Mushroom pills, 2 per day. These I'll eliminate once I take my shot as they aren't recommended during pregnancy.
                Acupuncture 2x per week
                Large green smoothie (romaine, spinach, celery, apple, banana, lemon and water) 5 times or so per week.


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                  Checking in to see how everyone is doing.

                  Trigger shot tonight and transfer Sunday. Excited, but also a bit apprehensive given what happened last time. Please think good thoughts for us!


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                    Good luck dmc!!

                    I have an appointment with the doctor this week to discuss what we should do next =(
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                    Otter's (Defunct) Primal Log
                    "Not baked goods, Professor, baked bads!" ~ The Tick


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                      Well, I hope I am reporting some quick progress on my end.

                      I started acupuncture to hopefully help even out my hormones. My monthly cycles are longer between 40-44 days on average. My luteal phase is only 14 days, but seems to take awhile to ovulate.

                      I had one acupuncture treatment, and a week later I am pretty sure I ovulated at 16 days into my cycle. That would be NICE, I cannot remember the last time I had a cycle less then 35 days. The downside, as usual, my husband was out of town AGAIN. UGH, story of the last year.....missed opportunities.

                      I have managed zero caffeine including no chocolate now for 3 weeks, includes no decaffeinated coffee or tea...nada. Been working on my yoga (*cough*, failing most days, but trying), and I have tried to focus on getting plenty of sleep and keeping stress low. All of this of course to help my weak adrenals.

                      I still need to work on consistency with my yoga, some of my supplements, and I need to get into a new doc for some testing....but so far I consider it progress.
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                        Glad to hear you're making progress, Meadow! I'll find out more today, but I may have to postpone my transfer another cycle, which I am totally bummed around.


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                          I'm hoping for good news for you dmc. Let us know if they can do the transfer this cycle.


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                            No transfer. Rose...

                            Sorry if this is TMI (granted this is a TTC thread) but I had some vaginal itching. Turns out that I had bacterial vaginosis. Very common, according to my OB, but the doctor doing the transfer wants to wait. And, I think it probably is good to err on the side of conservatism.

                            I did a bit of reading and apparently about 1/3 of women who are having trouble conceiving have this issue. I was a bit surprised to learn that. It can cause early miscarriage and preterm labor. The miscarriage part got my attention because I had some of these same symptoms right before I miscarried: itchy, burning feeling, redness, swollen, hurt to pee, some discharge, although definitely not bad smelling.

                            I definitely know that I have a sort of acidic system and am hypersensitive to fragrances and other thing "down there." I'm wondering too if food has something to do with. Saturday we were at a street fair and I indulged in a very small dish of organic sorbet. I felt super hyped up later that day (like I was on speed or something) and the next day the itching started Could it have been that? What irony that now that I've been eating better I am more sensitive than ever to something that is not on my normal eating plan.

                            So, onwards and upwards. It is tough to wait a month, but I have to trust that I am making the right decision. These five embryos we have are very precious, and I need to give them the best chance for success.

                            How are you doing?


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                              I was going to bump this thread, we have had visitors in our very small flat for 2 weeks, so no TTC for us!!

                              DMC how are you treating it? Have they given you anything? I use Vanish/Napisan when I wash my underwear.
                              Life. Be in it.


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                                I'm sorry to hear that dmc. I had not heard of this before. I too am curious to how to treat it.