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    Belforte - as this will be my forth, I think twins won't be on my chanting list!

    DMC - I have a few hypnosis apps. I'm not sure if you can get one specifically for your situation. Wishing you good luck.

    I really feel for couples with fertility issues. God I cried when Jimmy Moore and his wife miscarried.


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      Good luck with your transfer, dmc!


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        Thanks for the good thoughts everyone! I,too, am a big advocate of positive thinking!!!
        It is hard and can be a huge strain on a relationship. It has also, however, brought my partner and me much closer. And I would LOVE twins....pray to your gods and goddesses


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          good luck dmc

          Hope everyone is doing well!!
          I had my first estrogen draw yesterday and it only came back at 70. Now I'm not sure what it's supposed to be, but 70 is lower than what it was before on the same dose of the meds I'm taking.
          I just don't get it. I don't understand how I'm responding worse now that I'm slightly thinner.
          My dose was increased to 200u. If we have to go longer than the last time (which was 10 days), then we'll have to order more meds. Thank goodness our insurance covers a lot of the cost, but it's still 130something for each 300u vial.
          I really hate my body sometimes.
          I know I'm such a debbie downer when all of you are being positive lol. It's just so frustrating when you're constantly reminded that your body is broken and is STILL not working right with meds. BLEH!
          DD born August 2012
          TTC #2
          SW: 1/20/14- 212.4
          CW: 2/21/14- 202.6 (9.8 loss)
          Goal: Short term, get below 200 and get pregnant. Long term, get to 120-130
          Mini goal, get in to a size 12.

          My boring uneventful journal for your viewing pleasure


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            I really feel you on that, Lisa. fngers crossed for you, it IS incredibly frustrating when you are trying so hard to improve your health and your body still isn't working how it should.


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              Have any of you found that your cycles changed with PB? I really tried to be strict this last cycle with my diet, doing more of a whole 30, and I'm 3 days late for my period (usually my cycles are 28 days not the dot). I'd love it if i was late due to pregnancy, but I don't think that is it. Has this happened to any of you? And do you think it is something to be worried about? I am a professor and our new term just started. I'm not stressed really, but busier than summer, as i'm teaching a couple grad classes. Maybe that could be it?


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                DMC, I would think that's more stress related.

                I loved Taking Charge of your fertility, when I have periods I will definitely be charting, although I may do more with mucus and cervical height rather than temps.

                I did the hypnobabies course for my birth, I loved it! I'll definitely be using it again next time, with a doula this time so I don't get caught quite so off guard. I had a pretty short labor for a first baby, 6 hours of actual labor, although my water broke 3 hours before labor really started.


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                  Lol, maybe I am stressed! I think I may have miscalculated my cycle by a week. We're not actively trying this month, so I gave myself a break from charting. I feel good, so I am sure it will come when it comes.

                  I have much more luck tracking by cervical fluid and other secondary signs of ovulation than I do with temps.

                  Have a good weekend everyone!!


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                    I would be cautious about eating a VLC primal diet while trying to restore fertility or concieve, if you are on the slimmer side. In 2 years of hanging out at this message board and related, I've seen way too many light/lean women suffer cycle dis-regulation and eventual amenorrhea after eating VLC for months. Primal carbs usually solve the issue!

                    On the flip side for those of you with high body fat, a VLC diet can jump start fertility as well as fat loss (which in itself is often helpful).

                    I'm thin and lean, and feel a lot better with starch in my diet. I went primal for my hormonal problems (among many other health issues), and while my first 2 or 3 periods on primal were kinda crappy, by 8 months in I was no longer having dehabilitating periods/cramps (used to feel like I had the flu with my period every month) or intensely painful ovulation/cysts. My cycle got shorter and more regular, and my luteal phase went from 8-10 days to 14 days! It is most definitely a fertility diet IMO.

                    I'm not trying to get pregnant anytime soon... hopefully in a couple years. I am so glad I found this way of life before having kids (or trying to). Good luck to all here.


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                      Hi all

                      I have just started the medication for our IVF (ICSI) cycle. In the last couple of months I dropped 20lbs thanks to PB and Leptin reset (just 3 meals per day, a big prot breakfast a.s.a.p. in the morning), and I'm planning to continue. I'm still above 30 BMI, so VLC is fine! I am 40, and have never been pregnant before due to PCOS.

                      This is basically our only chance (though we agreed to freeze any L/O embryos if applicable) and I'm really excited! I'm thinking positive and have found some IVF affirmations online that I've started using. With the healthy eating and the positive outlook I'm confident that we will have the best possible outcome!

                      Best of luck to everyone!


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                        Animalcule, how much starch or primal carbs would you say you eat these days? I don't eat VLC but am somewhat low carb. I wonder how I would do with more, but I get confused when people start talking about eating starch away from fat, with protein, etc.

                        Sherissima, good luck with IVF! I'll be curious to hear how it goes for you.


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                          Hi everyone!
                          My husband and I just started ttc in July. I'm 26 and he's 28, so we are lucky and have some time. However, since I'm a teacher and don't want to be on maternity leave at the beginning of a school year, it's basically this month, next month, or pausing and starting again in March-ish. I have extremely irregular cycles, and I've been peeing on sticks and tracking temperature, etc. I'm hoping that going primal will help my health and my future child's health. Nice to meet all of you!


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                            Good luck ladies. Thinking positive for your all. My period is due this week so fingers crossed.


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                              Fingers crossed, Rose.

                              Welcome, jkmorvay! I sympathize with your situation. I am in grad school right now, graduating in June, and going into teaching. I thought about trying to time conception with the school calendar so I can at least teach my first year out of school, but I figure that at my age (34) it might be a good idea to prioritize baby-making over job-getting and try for a baby sooner than later.

                              I have yet another question for y'all. Do you take a prenatal? My ND recommended one which I tried, but it has iron in it and has come uncomfortable effects on my digestion. I'd like to find one without iron.



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                                I don't currently take a prenatal. I have read conflicting information regarding them; some say you need them, some say you don't. I am currently working on various issues so am taking specific supplements to correlate with them. I think once I'm fully 'healed' I won't need a multi because I'll have fixed my body and have plenty of stored nutrients. That's the idea, anyhow.
                                The only thing I plan to continue taking once pregnant are my daily cod liver oil+high vitamin butter capsules.