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  • Congratulations Kaylee, i hope you're feeling well.

    Please can i join in this thread? Over the next 2-3 months i'm weaning myself off medication i can't take whilst pregnant and then we're hoping to TTC. Now that i'm reducing my meds i feel like this could actually happen one day!


    • So this thread is old, but I wanted to add an update.

      We are at about 4 years of trying, 4 rounds of IUI this last year, one of them resulting in a chemical pregnancy. I was having some issues with progesterone levels and inconsistent cycles, plus at 38 we are concerned my ovarian reserve can dip at any time. Hubby has poor morphology (shape). For him, even with a bunch of supplements, habit changes, stress reduction, and some diet changes (he refuses to go fully prima/paleo), over the course of a year it had worsened rather then got better (his counts and motility improved so we were heading the right way, but no change on the morphology). So we decided IVF was our next step.

      SO, we set ourselves up to start IVF cycle this month. I have thousands of dollars of meds in the fridge, fun fun.

      We added puppy to the family to take a bit of a mental break, went out of town to visit family.

      And then my cycle ran late.
      And then I started to feel really bad.
      So decided to test just in case..... and it was positive!

      Had a 6 week 3 day u/s yesterday, saw the heartbeat, everything looks....normal.

      So, I suppose I am pregnant, lol. Everything is going as it should. I feel super exhausted, stomach is 'meh', but not terrible yet.

      Hopefully things continue as they should.

      So to all those out there, keep truckin!
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      • Congrats, Erin!
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