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  • My Blood Work - Critique Please

    I just got my blood work in from the doc. I forgot to ask about A1C/glucose/insulin stuff, but its not that important right now. I wanted to check my lipids and anything that may be related to my depression/low energy/etc. Below are my results. Background - When I was 13-14 I had to go to a Lipid Clinic at the local Children's hospital because I was overweight, prehypertension, and my cholesterol was through the roof. I think my total cholesterol was over 300, my triglycerides were over 200, etc. My blood pressure was consistently 14X/8X. Bad stuff. Last June, I was 310 lbs and decided to lose weight. I got blood work done in August, after losing 30 lbs, and my total and LDL were "normal" but my HDL was a bit low (in the 30s, I think).

    Fast forward to today: I'm down 110 lbs, and I've been primal since mid-June 2011. I wanted to see what effect the weight loss as well as my new diet/lifestyle were having. Like I said above, I also wanted to check out my depression. Please help me make sense of this stuff...I can only go off of what the doctor gave me as the normal range. Aaaaanndddd, I have no idea what the Bun/Creatinine is. And could someone touch on my T3 and testosterone? I can't get the doc on the phone til tomorrow, so I'd appreciae some insight from the fine folks at MDA.

    Cholesterol: 217 (flagged as high, 0-200)
    Triglycerides: 41 (35-150)
    HDL: 87.9 (flagged as high, 40-70)
    Chol/HDL - 2.47 (<5.6)
    Non-HDL - 129.1 (<160)
    VLDL - 8 (0-40)
    Direct LDL - 89 (0-100)
    Testosterone - 259.96 (low) (262-870)
    Calcium - 10.2 (8.4-10.2)
    Bun - 23 (high, 7-19)
    Creatinine - 1.0 (.8-1.4)
    Bun/Creatinine - 23 (high, 13-21)
    Sodium - 137.1 (126-145)
    Potassium - 5.08 (3.50-5.10)
    TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) - 2.44 (.38-3.30)
    Free T3 - .71 (marked as low, 2.1-3.8)
    Free T4 - .92 (.82-1.63)
    Magnesium, Red Blood Cell - 4.7 (4.0-6.4)

    Thanks guys!

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    Just from a quick reading online:

    HDL being high is a good thing. Total cholesterol is a dumb measure, so I shouldn't worry about it being a little high. My Testosterone is low, but I'm not sure why or how to fix it. Low T3 may be related to my fatigue and depression (hypothyroidism). Bun-creatinine ration may be related to prerenal azotemia, which means I might be eating too much meat or was just dehydrated. (I was fasting and only had a little bit of water beforehand.)


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      Ask Griff via pm to come to this thread
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        Originally posted by kenn View Post
        Ask Griff via pm to come to this thread
        I sent him a message. Anxiously awaiting a response. I got appointment with my doc on Sept. 13. Not looking forward to it....I want to get this stuff fixed because I don't like being depressed for 9 straight months and I'd actually like to have a little bit of muscle growth and sex drive back....but when I went in for my initial visit last Saturday, I wasn't very impressed with my doctor.

        - I asked for C-Reactive Protein test, he asked why. I said because of stress. He said I should exercise more. I told him I exercise hard 6 days a week. He ignored me and moved on. I said, how do you explain me being depressed since January while still working out? He said that sometimes "Satan throws things in our way."
        - He told me to join Campus Crusaders for Christ when I got back to school.
        - He asked if I was sexually active (my sex drive has been non-existent all summer), and I said "not by choice." He then "informed" me that 89% of college freshmen girls have chlamydia and that sperm cells are visible to the human eye.

        I'm just going to ask him for testosterone treatment and a referral to an endochronologist to get my pituitary checked out. I read that pituitary problems can affect thyroid and testosterone, and can be caused by a head injury. I landed an ATV on the back of my head when I was 14, which is when my depression started, so I think there may be a connection. I'm also worried they are going to give me Snythroid which treats TSH levels, but mine are fine...its my Free T3 which is low. I need someone here to back me up so I don't get talked into the wrong treatment. Also, pituitary, thyroid, and testosterone may explain why I've been eating at 500-1000 calories below maintenance and not seen any weight loss, while experimenting with keto, IF, and different workout regimens.


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          I really hate to be "that" guy, but can anyone help out at all? I can't put on muscle, my fat loss has stalled, and I'm considering not working out until this gets sorted. Please help.

          EDIT - not working out today. Too depressed.
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            Your doctor sounds like he is an insane person who also happens to be using his position of authority to push his religious agenda. He also kind of comes off as an idiot.

            Bloodwork doesn't tell the whole story. What are you eating? What is your exercise routine? What kind of supplements are you taking? How are you sleeping? There are a million things that could be wrong...
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              Originally posted by Uncephalized View Post
              Bloodwork doesn't tell the whole story. What are you eating? What is your exercise routine? What kind of supplements are you taking? How are you sleeping? There are a million things that could be wrong...
     does bloodwork that indicates low testosterone and low free T3 not tell at least most of the story? I told the rest up above.

              I was doing Insanity and P90X over the past year, I've been moving towards 3 days lifting, two days sprint/plyo, two days off. I've been so exhausted this summer that I've actually had to workout less due to lack of energy. I'm eating food: eggs, bacon, pork, chicken, turkey, veggies and a whey and Amazing Grass shake with almond milk in the morning; beef, chicken, salmon, with veggies and olive oil/coconut milk for lunch; salmon, beef, chicken for dinner with veggies. Some berries and apples here and there. Veggies are tomatoes, squash, broccoli, onions, mushrooms, cauliflower, peppers, the usual stuff. I quit dairy a few weeks ago. Before that I didn't drink any milk or eat cheese, just greek yogurt and butter. I've been completely grain free since June. I only drink water, green and white tea a few times a week, and almond milk in my shakes and unsweetened chocolate hot cocoa. In the past month I've started having a cup of coffee (regular or decaf depending on my mood) with one Sweet 'n Low. I didn't drink at college this past year, and I drink alcohol maybe once every two months in moderation. I do not smoke or do drugs. I try to get around 180g protein each day, between 40-80g carbs each day....around 2200-2400 calories. I use to count and track every single day for almost a year, but that got too the point of near I started loosening up a bit. Hasn't caused any weight gain, so I don't think that is an issue.

              I take Opti-Men multivitamin in the morning with 1g fish oil (just started St.John's Wort), D3 5000 iu and a Super B Complex at night, b12 sublingual preworkout with 5g L-Glutamine, 1000 mg C and 1 g fish oil with 5g l-glut post-workout with a protein shake.

              My depression stems from junior high school (got particularly bad in January when I sought counseling.) My depression hasn't changed, nevermind gotten better, with any of these dietary changes. I'm in a constant state of blah. A few highs here and there, but generally bad. I have pseudo-suicidal thoughts (would anyone miss me?) and a general feeling that girls don't find me attractive. I have social anxiety, my voice is weak and cracks when I have to speak to strangers. I can't put on muscle...I've been eating at a deficit all summer and my fat loss has stagnated. I workout and get plenty of protein (BUN levels are even high) and I still just look sickly when I drop weight. I hold my weight on my hips, stomach, and thighs.That is probably the low testosterone.

              Earlier in the summer I was sleeping 7-8 hours...always have gotten good sleep. Lately I've been getting a little less, but its restful. I don't wake up in the middle of the night.


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                On your T level....are you lifting heavy? are you sprinting?

                The body will produce what is if you have a desk job and don't do much or get out in the sun your body has no reason to have a higher T level


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                  Sorry didn't read it all...just looked at the numbers and started typing.

                  Dude....I am not seeing much at all here wrong. You seem to be eating what I would consider perfect and supplementation is not too hard core. You lift enough (what type of heavy here, squat, deadlift, snatches?).

                  With that level of T though that can fuck your shit up on the mental side....that low I am sure you are having depression and the "blah's". I would consider supplementing the T you will feel better and probably get ripped up at the same time.

                  How old are you?


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                    Your doc is a freak time for another is called being your own advocate and it is very empowering.


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                      I am sprinting at least once a week, sometimes twice. I'm lifting heavy, mixture of isolation, curls, tricep kickbacks, rows, back flys, pull-ups, push-ups, air squats, plyometrics, medicine ball work, a little yoga, heavy bag work. No chronic cardio at all. I can't squat because I have Scheuermann's Disease (my spine curves, gives me a humpback. It would be dangerous for me to squat with heavy weight, actually.) I have lower back issues from that as well, so I'm hesitant to do deadlifts. I do want to work on cleaning and snatching though. I can get a really good, heavy pump, muscles swelling workout once every two or three weeks, but I'm just dead tired and lethargic the rest of the time.

                      And I'm 21 years old. Which is why I'm concerned with the T level.


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                        1. STOP using Sweet 'n Low! It's a neurotoxin.
                        2. Get your D3 level checked. Make sure it's 50-70ish ng/ml. If not suppliment to get it there and get some sun.


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                          Originally posted by Dave RN View Post
                          1. STOP using Sweet 'n Low! It's a neurotoxin.
                          2. Get your D3 level checked. Make sure it's 50-70ish ng/ml. If not suppliment to get it there and get some sun.
                          1. Link? Mark didn't mention that in his article about sweeteners. And I just started using it two weeks ago.
                          2. I supplement 5000 iu daily, plus whatever is in my multi.

                          I just read in the Dr. Kruse-isms forum that increased meat intake requires more iodine. Iodine deficiency is linked to hypothyroidism. This summer, which is when I noticed a great increase in sluggishness, I quit adding salt to my meals and I increased my meat in take (especially red meat) due to access to a stove and grocery store that I didn't have at college. Plausible connection?
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                            I was going to suggest iodine as a potential problem for you. Do some reading though - you don't want to go overboard on iodine.

                            Welcome to Progesterone Research Network - PRN

                            BTW - your total cholesterol is not statistically any different from the normal range. There is a margin of error of up to more than 10% on the tests.
                            Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )



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                              OK guy, I am going to help you, and you are not going to like it one bit being 21 and why should you listen to a 40 year old fat man.

                              in the next 6 weeks. YES 6 whole weeks you ARE going to stop exhausting your adrenals. HOW you ask. think about it. You are going to stop exercising. go back to long walks but you dont get to LHT or sprint. Sucks yup but suck it up.

                              You are also going to stop drinking anything with caffeine in it, you wont die, but it will feel like it. again sucks to be you, but you have 80 more years to make up for the 6 weeks you are going to lose here.

                              Your only sweetener will be KAL brand organic Stevia. Pray to that god, she will save you.

                              You will ASSUME you are out of O3/O6 balance and go to Fish Oil Calculator | Whole9 | Let us change your life. to determine your intake for 03 with an assumption of a 1 for these six weeks

                              You will look up (Blood Urea Nitrogen) BUN and Creatine ( BUN: The Test | Blood Urea Nitrogen ) and realize that you are killing your kidneys and you will start adding enough vitamin C to assist in healing that ( you will find vitamin C powder in your local health food store in bulk , you probably wont need more than a pound for your six weeks. ) you will take the time to find your titrating dosage and work it back to normal (Vitamin C Dosage in Disease )

                              You will also assume that you have a hormone imbalance and until you get clean labs you wont know how bad, but you can blunt the worst of it by upping your vitamin D. You wont mind a stupidly high amount for these 6 weeks since you body is stealing it as fast as you can put it in. take 50k a day as long as you dont reach symptoms of toxicity you dont care, and you wont since you are broken.

                              so for the last 6 weeks you have been sitting on the couch losing all sorts of muscle mass (/sarcasm) and supplementing out the ass. why you ask.

                              So you can get clean labs.

                              Either find a better doctor ( his religious leanings have no bearing on your health ) or use a place like Blood Test, std testing, blood testing results | ANY LAB TEST NOW® to get the tests you need after 6 weeks.
                              what are those?

                              Lab Tests Online: Welcome!

                              Full Hormone Panel. Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH); Luteinizing hormone (LH); Progesterone; Testosterone (Serum and Free ); Sex hormone binding globulin; Total estrogens ( Serum and Free) , Estradiol

                              REAL Thyroid panel Free T3; Free T4; Reverse T3; TSH; Thyroid Antibodies; Thyroglobulin ( rt3-ratio | Stop The Thyroid Madness )

                              Vitamin Panel

                              Energy Use Panel ( yeah, no body calls it that ) Fasting insulin ; Hemoglobin A1C; Comprehensive Metabolic Panel ( and it had better include a fasting glucose )

                              and of course you are going to look all those up and figure out what they mean way before you go get them done. that is what you were doing sitting on your ass for 6 weeks

                              so then you will have answers as to what is going wrong. Then you can chose treatment options. @ 21 it is a good chance that your have started healing most of the problems but if your labs are still wonky, then you will know what system is the leading factor in the problem.

                              trust me 235 isnt super low, it gets worse. but it can be reversed as long as you care enough to force the issue with your Primary care practitioner ( or as I like to call them, your bitch). Most MD's wont do shit to earn thier money. They didnt get into medicine to help people they got into medicine to get laid and make a shit ton of money. Those who DID get into medicine because they care have to survive the grinder and by the time they do they dont know anything anymore.

                              Trust no MD if you cant verify his analysis. but then again, you have spent 6 weeks boning up on your tests so you know more than your attending anyway.

                              Good Hunting!
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