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what do you wish you had known when you were pregnant?

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  • what do you wish you had known when you were pregnant?


    i'm 7weeks pregnant and doing as much research as i can about growing a healthy baby. If you were in my shoes, what would you want to know?

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    I'm 14 weeks now, but make sure you check out Chris Kresser's site.

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      Don't let other people take away your happiness. Prep early (get the nursery painted and figured out, etc.). Read everything you can so when the doc says blah blah blah bad blah blah you can make good decisions instead of just going with whatever they say. Keep exercising, even if its just a walk around the block. Eat healthy but cut yourself some slack. Crystallized ginger (found in the baking aisle) is not primal (sugar) but it was the only thing that helped with my morning sickness.

      hmmmmm. That's all I can think of at the moment. The biggest thing is to enjoy the time, take it easy, stay away from negative people, and have fun. As for eating healthy there's this blog post : Primal Pregnancy/ but if you do a search on the forum you'll find lots of posts about pregnancy. Congrats!!
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        I have no real substance to add here but I wanted to congratulate you!!


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          Yes, congratulations! I agree on cutting yourself some slack in terms of eating, but also to be as mindful as you can. I gained 10 pounds in 12 weeks, which scared me a bit, although my doctor seemed okay with it.


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            First of all, CONGRATS!
            \o/ *happy dance*

            What I wish I had known the first time around-- that there was such a thing as Paleo/Primal lifestyle & that I could eat a butt load of fat and steak and my diabetes would go *poof* (gone), and I'd have energy and totally avoid head colds.

            On a living naturally note: check out hypnobabies. Very excellent stuff for pregnancy and the delivery room. I made it to 7 before freaking out and asking for an epi (*sigh* if only I had someone to calm me down and walk me through the contractions, but hubby was as overwhelmed as I was)
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              1. I wish I'd known about primal!
              2. I wish I'd known throwing up dozens of times in a day, crippling nausea and weight loss were not normal morning sickness, and I was not just a wimp. If you have any of these symptoms, that's hyperemesis gravidarum, it's a real illness that cannot be cured by ginger, and you need real medical help. (Help HER - Hyperemesis Education Research) Every pg woman should know this.
              3. I wish I'd truly understood how and why eating fat and protein helped me to feel better, even when I had HG. Sometimes fatty foods were the only thing I could keep down.

              Many congratulations to you!!!!


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                1. I wish I had known about Primal and had the knowledge to feed my kids that way.

                2. I wish I had been a little slower to step in and fix things - struggling (a little) builds character and teaches kids they have the ability to have an impact on how their lives turn out.

                3. I actually DID know (and will pass on to you) that kids are pretty much made of rubber, and as long as they have a loving family and reasonable safety, they will turn out just fine.


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                  I would encourage you to enjoy your pregnancy, it is a special time.

                  Aim for the birth experience you want, not what others think you should have. Be prepared that your birth plan could go off track (i.e. research C-sections even if you don't want one so you are prepared if you need an emergency one).
                  If you want a home natural birth that's fine, if you go for the drugs that's fine too. The outcome you want is healthy baby and mother, not a badge of honor proving you did it naturally.
                  If you choose a natural birth I would suggest reading Childbirth without Fear. An old book but it explains physiologically what happens during labour and shows why relaxing during contractions lessen the pain. This really worked for me. Also knowing that just when you think you can't handle it you are probably at the transition stage and ready to push and the contraction pain will reduce.


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                    thanks for all of your replies lots of food for thought there!


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                      I cannot give firsthand experience buuuut these blogs have some great info for paleo mamas!

                      The Paleo Baby

                      Hawaiian libertarian: Paleo Baby
                      I'm a paleo foodie, come check out my recipes: