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Is my T level going up or what!

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  • Is my T level going up or what!

    so before PB I had my T level measured for shits and giggles....and it came up at 248!!! That is the bottom of the "normal" side and I was taken aback at the level to be honest. I am bald as hell and have allot of body hair man!

    After test yet....just waiting a bit longer till I to cholesterol and T etc. BUT several things are hinting at increased T. Morning wood again!!! have not had that in a while. Increased drive!!! welcome back my good friend. Several Acne zits have come about as well.

    I read an article about natural enhancement of T levels and from what it was saying with get more sleep, eat more things with cholesterol, high intensity workouts with heavy weights, sprinting, all lead to higher T. It seems to me that PB can now be called the T blueprint!