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    There was a time not too long ago that I really appreciated the Women, Infant and Children food program. As a cashier, I see WIC purchases all the time.

    Now that I'm learning the primal way of life, it makes me sad every time a mother uses a WIC check for bread, peanut butter, cereal, juice and beans. Not that she has a choice since those are on the required lists, but I wonder how families on a budget that need WIC could go primal if they had the interest or chance.

    Edit: The WIC checks for fruits and vegetables are awesome...
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    The vouchers for fruits and vegetables are great. Also I know that there is a $25 vouchers for WIC participants to shop at the Farmer's Market each year in the area I live in.
    There are some other good things that WIC promotes such as breastfeeding. They provide Lactation Consultants for women who chose to breastfeed. Also good grade pumps are available for women that are working (thought I think many low income woman don't work in a pump friendly environment to actually utilize these pumps). Vouches for omega- 3 riched tuna are provided for these breastfeeding mothers also. So its not all bad.


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      Well, all I can say is that beans, bread, and cereal beat starvation. I'm not sure how poor one has to be to qualify for WIC but presumably since they need assistance to get food to begin with they are in dire enough straights that it is almost 'anything is better than nothing.' That said, I do agree that it is sad. Food stamps do not have the same restrictions (as far as I know) so this seems to be more government CW at work - beans and bread are good for kids so you can only get X,Y,Z.

      Edit based on erickael's post above - yay, I am glad it is not all nonsense.
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        From what I see of food stamps, it gets abused badly. Chips, soda, sugary everything. I hardly see people spending their food stamps wisely, even from a CW standpoint.
        Doing the Primal 30 Day Challenge since August 8th, 2011!


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          I used to be a cashier also. The food stamp statement is so true. Many of the individuals who purchase food on it get a lot of sugary processed junk.


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            I get WIC, and I'm grateful for it. Having said that, I don't always get everything that I have checks for. I buy rice chex cereal and my kids have one bowl a day while they are waiting for the main breakfast (eggs, fruit and greek yogurt). They also buy milk, cheese, peanut butter (I haven't totally eliminated legumes), fresh produce, eggs, 100% fruit juice, and this year I got $60 to spend at the farmer's market which was wonderful. Once I have my baby and I am nursing I will also get canned salmon. So, my version of primal is a little flexible, especially when it comes to my kids. No wheat, very little other grains and very very little sugar are my only hard concrete rules when it comes to them.

            I wish it was a little more customizable, since they allow for us to get way more milk than we consume, but I would use a lot more cheese and maybe greek yogurt if that was allowed. I myself do eat dairy but only fermented dairy, and my kids only have 8oxz of milk per day so the 13 gallons they allow for us in a month obviously is too much. All in all, I think the way they have it set up is great, in spite of the obviously CW "healthy" diet stuff. It's better than food stamps which give people a free reign.
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