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  • Good day!

    Sorry, had to celebrate!

    1. My Vibram KSOs arrived today! Man they feel good on. Can't wait to take them out for a test run. Will have to make sure I take it easy llike people on here have advised. Wish me luck!

    2. My cholesterol numbers came in! Not too shabby!

    Total - 194
    HDL - 62
    LDL - 116 (84.44 Irianian)
    Tri - 31

    Tot/HDL - 3.12
    Tri/HDL - 0.5
    LDL/HDL - 1.87 (or 1.36 using Iranian)

    That is all

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    Vibram denied! My Vibrams had a manufacturing fault. The strap is supposed to be sewn into a plastic tongue for strength. One shoe was sewn, but the other was only glued. So it popped out when I squatted down to pick up my daughter. I didn't even get to wear them outside *sigh*. Now have to go through the lengthy process of shiping them back and getting a replacement pair.