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Finally Seeing Measurable Progress

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  • Finally Seeing Measurable Progress

    I've been Primal almost 5 months now, and I'm starting to see results, and so are others. It's taken more time that I hoped it would, but it feels so natural and easy. I have not been counting calories, and due to a foot injury, then three-digit high temps, have not been exercising, other than walking a good distance and back for lunch.

    I went clothes shopping last week and while I wasn't totally happy in the dressing room, I didn't hate it either. Found a gorgeous dress that I wore out to dinner and felt very confident and happy with how I looked in it. The size hasn't changed much (maybe 1/2 size on the bottom and a full size on top), but I just look and feel so much better. My legs look fantastic, if I do say so myself. :-) And I'm 52, and have ditched foundation and only wearing tinted moisturizer now for makeup. I love how my skin is responding to this lifestyle.

    Now people that see me everyday are starting to take notice, which are normally the last folks to notice. Today at work, one of my co-workers who wants to go Primal, but is struggling, said, "I hate you--you are looking fantastic" which I took as a compliment. Also, others are starting to ask about my diet, even the Weight Watchers folks.

    My Mom asked me yesterday about which oils were best, so I feel I've made progress there. I felt that for the first time she was really listening. Last week, she told me that I'm shrinking all over and she estimates 30 lbs. lost, but I haven't weighed and really don't feel like it's been that much, but who knows, maybe it has. Even if I weighed now, I wouldn't know since I don't know what my starting weight was (though I have an idea, and it's not pretty to think about).

    Hooray, with a few modifications, including more exercise, I think I can rev this up. But, bottom line, I feel great and have a sense of well being that I haven't had in a long time.

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    Welcome! Sounds like it is going well for you now. I hope it gets better and better!
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