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I'm Back...and would love advice from those who are pregnant...

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  • I'm Back...and would love advice from those who are pregnant...

    Hello, fellow PBers. I'm back after a bit of a hiatus. I became pregnant in April and fell off the wagon. We unfortunately ended up losing the baby just at the end of the first trimester. It was rather heartbreaking, as this baby was conceived through IVF and there had been no signs that anything had gone awry. We fortunately have some options and are going to try again soon. In the meantime, I am going to get back on board with PB.

    I'd be very appreciative to hear from people who are pregnant or who recently conceived about their diets. I'm especially interested to hear what people did about cravings: I had the most wicked cravings for bread and cheese during those 12 weeks--it was insane! I was always hungry, and very exhausted. I'd like to have a backup plan for the next time around.

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    I'm sorry to hear you lost your baby. I can't give you any pregnancy advice ... my last was nearly 12 years ago and I'm not having any more!
    Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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      So sorry for your loss. That's rough. Been through it.

      As far as cravings, why no cheese? It's at least somewhat acceptable. Maybe you were craving the fat/protein in it? Maybe some trace minerals? IDK. Anyway, I've not been Primal for an entire pregnancy, but I still have strong cravings. Mainly fat right now. I can eat coconut oil right off the spoon (grosses dh out, lol). I would say that fats + protein would help keep you from feeling quite as hungry. And as far as exhaustion, well, that's pretty much par for the course here. I think it's just because our bodies are working so hard, even at the beginning.

      HTH some.
      ~wife and mother

      Started primal a month before the end of my pregnancy with P who is now 1. Went from a size 14 down to a size 4 in less than a year. Now sitting at 20-21% body fat, a solid 130 pounds, and 5'9". Feeling better than ever before, and able to run around and chase my 5 little boys who range in age from 14 months up to 11.5 years old.


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        uuummmm, not gonna be much help cuz I totally caved. Well, not totally. After an appointment I would pig out for 2 weeks, then eat on plan for the other 2 weeks to lose any weight I put on. Three weeks before my glucose tolerance test I ate perfectly EVERY DAY. After that I ate however I wanted, be it "good food" or "bad food". The cravings were kind of easy to ignore when I knew that in x amount of days I would allow myself to eat whatever. I started the pregnancy morbidly obese, gained about 12 lbs for the whole pg, then in the 2 weeks after having the baby lost more than 20 lbs.

        So sorry about what happened. Wishing you all the luck in the world!
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          I'm so sorry for your loss!

          There's a thread here and I recently did a guest blog post here that may be helpful.
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            Thank you, everyone. And thank you, Dragonfly, for the link. The information here is truly useful. I have been off the forum boards for awhile, so I haven't had a chance to look at all the discussions I've missed.

            We are trying again next month. Please keep your fingers crossed for us!


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              Sorry to hear of your loss. I was also pregnant earlier this year and lost at 12 weeks. We are about to start trying again also. Carb cravings get really bad for me when I am pregnant and I go off eggs and meat. I'm trying to clean up my diet at the moment but keep falling off the wagon as the rest of the family are not into primal/paleo eating at all. I'm afraid I don't have any advice, but getting a good support network around you could help. I find the sugar pushers and lack of support difficult.


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                I'm sorry to hear about the lack of support, Rose. I am getting ready to start another whole9. When I did it before, I felt amazing. I'm blessed that my partner is on board, but in the end I know it is up to me to stay on track, whether he does or not. I don't know if it helps for you, but I know for me that, strangely, something like a whole9 is easier to stick with: I think it is the discipline of the thing.

                I'll totally be keeping my fingers crossed for you too, Rose, and am here to offer support.


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                  I'm sorry too. Loosing that late in a pregnancy -- even though it is technically early -- is always rough. I feel like any loss is rough, but particularly after you make it past the first 6-8 weeks, you know? that's tough! and i think it's tougher if you are going through fertility treatments, too. So, definitely take care of yourself!

                  I second what dragonfly posted. she does her research. she's into this stuff. also, her EFT is *great* for helping people come into balance with different emotional needs.


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                    Good advice dmc about the whole9. I think I might give that a go. I tend to be an all or nothing type. I'm hoping that if I do well eating this way hubby will be inspired to get on board. He is not against it for me but doesn't want to participate and is not interested at all. I find it difficult to watch him eat all the foods I crave and end up giving in at some point and eating them.

                    Good luck in getting pregnant. Another round of IVF?


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                      Yes, another round...probably sometime in late September/early October. We still have 5 embryos to work with and we know we're blessed to have them.

                      I agree that it is difficult no matter where you are in the pregnancy. We were near the end of the first trimester, had a normal ultrasound, where we saw the heartbeat, etc, and no indication that anything was amiss. We had already begun to tell people. I was dreading telling those we told that we had lost the baby, but people were incredibly supportive, even people that I thought might not be or would be sort of laissez faire about the whole thing. A lesson I've learned is that people surprise you.

                      What are your plans, Rose? Whatever they are, I will be thinking good thoughts for you. And I agree, Dragonfly does have some great advice. Thanks again, Dragonfly!

                      I'm starting the 30 day whole foods on Monday if you'd like to join me!


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                        Actually, I just read more carefully and see that it was you, Zoebird, who confirmed Dragonfly's advice. I've gotten a lot of useful tips from you over the past several months I've been primal, so I take your recommendation very seriously!


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                          I was diagnosed with pcos when ttc, was on metformin for months, and miscarried the first pregnancy. I conceived immediately the following month. In the early weeks of my pregnancy when I had morning sickness, I gave in to all my cravings-- ate bread, noodles, sweets, and meat. I actually didn't have any appetite but my dh forced me to eat.

                          As I regained appetite after 14 weeks or so, I started eating better (conventional WOE then which included grains), moderate amount of everything, and very little processed food. Whenever I felt hungry I tried to remind myself whatever I eat will go to the baby, and this helped tremendously in making decisions. I did exercise restraint with junk food, did my best to avoid them. I ate according to appetite and hardly had cravings after around 20 weeks. I only gained 20-ish lbs (starting weight 110 lbs), nothing in the last trimester despite eating a good amount (absolutely nothing processed, but did have rice daily), and my baby was born healthy at 7 lbs.

                          Good luck!!!!!!


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                            I'll join for the whole30.
                            We are going to try this month to get pregnant. I hope you have success with your next round. I'm fortunate to be able to conceive naturally and can't fathom what you have been through what with the fertility problems, IVF then miscarriage. I'm glad your family and friends were supportive. I think in some sense it is better to tell everyone earlier that you are pregnant than be left to grieve if you miscarry in private and pretend to the world that everything is fine.


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                              Yes, the support has been really a tremendous help and has also let me learn that it is okay to be "of the body," if you will (I'm in a pretty cerebral profession).

                              Glad that we'll be doing the 30 day thing together! I went to the store yesterday and bought a lot of fruit and veg and made a menu plan for the next two weeks: that really helps me.

                              Good luck on getting pregnant this month, Rose. I'll have my fingers crossed for you. Please keep us posted.