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    What do you guys think about this? We all know that BMI is no predictor of health or body fat percentage, but how far can we take this logic? If you're obese but have no diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. and if you are not self-conscious or vain, do you really "need" to lose the weight?

    Edmonton Obesity Staging System | Dr. Sharma's Obesity Notes

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    I think it's a bit too simplistic, just like BMI. My husband weighs around 480lbs. However he has no medical complications arising from being that weight. Fasting glucose is good, blood pressure is good no mobility issues etc etc. According to that scale it would make him a stage 0 and he should prevent further weight gain. That's ridiculous in my opinion. He may not have any of those issues now but he is still relatively young. If he stays at the same weight there is only so long that his knees are going to hold out. He already thinks he is fine because the tests say so, he doesn't need a Dr saying the same.
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      I can see it being good for health insurance companies to gauge how much risk an obese applicant really has. Years ago, I had applied to a couple of private insurance plans and I was in relatively good health even despite being fat. However, I was denied on that one single basis--overweight. My BP was normal, cholesterol was normal, etc. They are still normal these days. So, if I had been classified as stage 0 with that methodology, I would have passed approval with flying colors and not suffered a couple years without insurance or be told to apply for SSDI (I am deaf) so I could wait another two years of no coverage before Medicare kicks in. No thanks to being uninsured or waiting even longer for Medicare!

      When I was denied years ago, I was super pissed that smokers and alcoholics were given more leeway on the approval process. I am of the belief that health care should be universal. Why deny fat people coverage if having coverage means discovering problems that would eventually get treated? Uncovered people are also more likely to fall into poverty, which means eating even more crap. A bit backwards, dontcha think?? In those years while I wasn't insured, I could have been found hypothyroid and gotten treated many years sooner. So yeah, my body has more damage from being unmedicated hypothyroid and it's taking longer to repair all that damage.

      /personal rant

      "According to that scale it would make him a stage 0 and he should prevent further weight gain."

      Maybe that perpsective was geared towards those who are one or two levels above normal weight, not like at 480 pounds. Think about bodybuilders, wrestlers, etc. They would be classified as overweight based on their BMI but being classified as stage 0 puts them at a normal weight range for their body build and activity level, not BMI.