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Cold weather backpacking footwear..?

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  • Cold weather backpacking footwear..?

    So I'm taking a 4 week trip up to Canada with my dad to do some camping and overnight backpacking. It's going to be late summer and fairly cold up there, and as much as I'd love to go barefoot or wear my KSO's, I just think my feet are going to get way too cold, especially if it's raining and/or snowing.

    Some people on here are going to say they do fine in their VFFs in the cold, but for some reason my feet get cold very easily. I always have issues when snowboarding.

    That being said, I'll probably bring my minimalist footwear along for the ride, but I don't think I'll be able to use it so late in the season.

    What would people recommend for some warm, waterproof shoes that can be worn pretty much the entire trip? I was looking at Merrell's Gore-Tex Embark Glove as a more minimal option, but then I was thinking that maybe I should stop trying to be so minimal and get some boots like these Keen Siskiyou Mids


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    Merrell's are the shit, been wearing them on and off duty for a long time. No matter what I wear when it is cold, the first thing that goes on my foot is a knee high stocking. Wicks the moisture and removes friction that creates hot spots.- George
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      I'd focus on the the socks as well to ensure warmth - once you figure out a shoe. Make sure you do some hiking before you leave for the trip too to break in the shoes and make sure nothing's causing other problems. Wouldn't want to sour a great trip over foot comfort!


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        Yeah I think I've decided to stick with my Merrel True Gloves and pick up some sealskinz waterproof socks. That should allow some foot freedom but still keep my feet warm and protected from the elements.