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  • Help with kids and playing ideas

    Starting watching Mark's "Play" presentation at AHS this morning. Only watched the first 10 minutes so far but agree with his "hypothesis"

    I want ideas to help my kids play more. By ideas I am thinking outside games. If any of this was covered in the rest of his presentation then I am apologize and will watch the rest later this weekend.

    I live in the woods, on a marsh, with estuaries and probably the country's most beautiful beach that is spit of land 3 miles long or so and a 1/4 mile wide with sand trails etc. It's the perfect playground for the kids. Google Map Crane's Beach Ipswich, MA for an idea of what I am talking about.

    With the perfect playground at hand what kind of games can I suggest to the kids. I'm looking for both structured games and unstructured ideas.

    PS - I have twin 4 year old boy and girl, a 6 y/o boy and an 8 y/o girl - lots of similar aged friends as well in the area.

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    One of the best things about unstructured play and children is their capacity for creativity when it comes to games. So, not only do you have the old childhood standbys like hide and seek, you have the ability to (by bringing a few playtime objects like rubber balls of various sizes, bats, etc.) just let them think up games on the spot... which can indeed be a blast. Of course there are usual games like tag (and variations), the aforementioned hide and seek, etc., but let those be the springboard from which your kids can leap and construct games of their own creation.
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      I was really thinking about games we played as kids that I can't remember how to play like Capture the Flag or Kick the Can.


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        British Bulldog is fun, and teaches capturing and evading skills (important for any hunter )
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        You usually 10 or more children for it to be optimally fun.


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          Big boxes and markers or crayons. Things for catching assorted bugs and crawdads if you have them. I grew up fairly free range and aside from bikes, jump ropes and balls my sister and I tended to use what was at hand to make our own fun, make up games and explore. We used to wade in creeks and catch crawdads and turtles, climb trees, make mud pies, make up games with boxes and so forth. I found that objects tended to get tossed aside in favor of what we could make. Our favorite game was "float away". We scored a great big box that was our boat and we would have "adventures" where we made up all kinds of scenarios. We would save empty food boxes and bottles and that would be our "supplies". We'd spend the whole day doing this when we weren't down at the river catching stuff, fishing, swimming or making up other adventures.
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