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    Just curious what people here buy at the grocery store on a regular basis. Most of my shopping trips consist of ground beef, eggs and coconut milk. Coconut oil, olive oil, chocolate powder (), and basic veggies as needed. Indulge in other stuff but not on a consistent basis. Oh, and coffee.. are people here simple and consistent or do you eat a big variety of foods? I'm pretty sure the clerks at the grocery store know me as the "meat and eggs" lady.

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    I almost always buy another jar of olives. They are my snack food. Sometimes stuffed with feta cheese, other times with almonds, other times with garlic. The checkout people are also starting to recognize me as the guy who buys lots of veggies, even though they are different every time.
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      We have three adults and the occasional teenager in our house, and we shop about every ten days. A typical shopping trip takes us to three different stores, and we come home with:

      12 pounds ground beef
      6 pounds stew beef
      10 pounds chicken thighs
      4 large summer sausages
      Several pounds of different hard cheeses
      4 dozen eggs
      5 pounds of bacon
      A large container of sour cream
      10 pounds of yellow or vidalia onions
      2 pounds of mushrooms
      6-8 jars of julienned sun-dried tomatoes
      8 cans of diced tomatoes (yes, we use them because we don't use tomatoes often)
      8 cans of black olives
      8 cans of mushrooms
      2 cans of Trader Joe's coffee
      Fruit, in season and not much of it (right now, it's plums)
      A small amount of dark chocolate from Trader Joe's
      Salad fixings (lettuce, celery, green onions)
      Canned tuna fish
      Nuts: macadamia, pistachio-in-the-shell, walnuts, pine nuts, almonds

      We order our coconut oil online (nobody around here really sells it). We have different cooking wines and spices on hand, and we refill/replenish as needed. I buy most of my supplements online as well.
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        I'm pretty sure that most people seeing my basket at the grocery store assume that I'm a vegetarian. I buy all my meat and eggs from local farmers and a lot of my produce too--probably 80% of my groceries--so my basket tends to contain bananas and avocadoes (not available as local produce); spices and herbs; coconut milk and oil; and sometimes raw milk cheese (usually feta or parmesan). Oh, and lime juice and club soda for NorCal margaritas.
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          Well, I'm the only primal in my family, and half the time my husband shops (has to make sure they all get their flour and cereal). I think we look like your typical "real food on the cheap" family- the sale chicken and meats, lots of eggs, lots of veggies (bags and bags every week) some canned tomatoes,dark chocolate, coffee, sometimes nuts, olive oil, coconut oil, almond or other nut butters. Plenty of fruit, a must with two adolescents and a 9 year old. Non grocery of course- soap, TP laundry and dish soap, shampoo and conditioner. Things like posh olives, bacon or posh cuts of meat , etc are rare treats.
          I love lots of broccoli, garlic, onions, spinach, romaine, carrots, fennel, name it.
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            Depends where I go.

            Trader Joe's - Two Buck Chuck wine, cheese and nuts. Maybe some dairy.
            Regular store with housemate - We go up and down all the aisles. She buys bread, peanut butter, mayo, frozen dinners, etc. We buy veg, corn tortillas, eggs, dairy, tuna, frozen potatoes, etc.
            Whole Foods - i buy meat, veg, nuts, supplements, herbs & spices, coffee, chocolate, coconut milk and oil, canned sardines and oysters, eggs, dairy, etc.
            Co-op - i buy meat, Eden Foods beans, etc.

            Yeah, yeah, I'm not one of those people who think everything on the inside aisles is toxic crap.
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              Frozen strawberries
              frozen fish, sometimes shrimp, depending what's on sale
              frozen veggies
              organic lactose free milk - for in my coffee
              sweet potatoes
              sour cream
              pesto (my favorite condiment)
              olive oil
              sometimes asparagus and cabbage

              Most of my meat and cheese comes from the farmers market but if there's something interesting, ground bison or lamb chops, I'll buy them at the supermarket. I started buying eggs at the farmers market as well but don't always and veggies sometimes at the market but I don't always plan well. I'm going to stock up tomorrow though. Especially looking forward to the heirloom tomatoes.
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                I enter the grocery store and immediately rip at least 8 produce bags off the roll. Oddball action #1. Then I fill them with an assortment of fresh veggies and some fruit (the stuff I haven't been able to buy at the farmer's market - short growing season in central Canada). Then a few bagels and some hamburger buns for the non-primal family members, but no other breads. Check out the chicken on sale items and the marked down bin for meat/chix deals. Buy frozen bags of shrimp, calamari and filleted fish. A block of cheddar and milk, some yogurt cups for lunches. Frozen juice for the gang (about half of what I used to buy.) One bag of chips per week for the guys as a treat - when it's gone, it's gone. Non-food necessities, often an item or two for the food bank bin by the door.

                Outside of the grocery store, I have beef by the quarter in my freezer, weekly bacon and pork products from the farmer's market, custom roasted coffee from my friend's home business, local fresh and smoked fish. Veggies from my garden when available - it's cherry tomatoes and cucumbers right now, green beans soon, and it's almost time to dig up my garlic harvest.


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                  Originally posted by marthat View Post
                  I enter the grocery store and immediately rip at least 8 produce bags off the roll. Oddball action #1.
                  Nothing wrong with that, I do the same thing.

                  Ground beef
                  Chicken breast, thighs, whatever is a good price
                  Roasts of varying animal and cut (pork shoulder, beef round, etc.)
                  Chicken livers
                  Other meats (bacon, sausage, lamb, turkey, etc.) if price is good
                  Veggies -- kale (my #1 greens choice), lettuce varieties, (sweet) potatoes, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, onions, celery, other sale items (if squash, cauliflower or something is on sale I'll get it)
                  Fruit -- usually in season stuff... I loaded up on berries in June/July and froze, so I have little fruit need currently; limes and lemons for cooking
                  Canned -- black olives, coconut milk (though I've not used it in a long time), sardines, chicken breast and tuna (for disaster supplies)
                  Frozen -- veggies when they're on sale
                  Occasional -- dark chocolate, nut butter, shredded or flaked coconut, cocoa powder, spices to replenish what's nearly empty
                  Dairy (infrequent) -- cheese (Parmesan rinds as a snack, Kerrygold Dubliner), butter (Kerrygold or Plugra), heavy cream
                  Other -- GT's Kombucha, olive oil (extra virgin), coconut water (for post-basketball rehydration, and only when on sale)

                  That's all I can think of for right now. I get my coconut oil online through either Nutiva or Tropical Traditions, and coconut cream concentrate via the latter.
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                    I'm so jealous of all of you with Trader Joe's. There are none in Florida. I wish I could franchise one, it would make a mint here. The Whole Foods nearest to me is packed like it's the day before Thanksgiving regardless of actual time or day. I have other issues with it as well so I only go there if I'm desperate. Otherwise, it's Publix and Winn Dixie. I usually only get the usual meat, veg, and random canned goods/coffee. I'm looking online for grass fed meat, but I can only place small orders since my apartment fridge/freezer is small.

                    For several months out of the year, there's a small organic farmer's market just down the way from where I live that I can walk to, but it's closed all summer and some of the fall. I've visited some other "farmer's" markets in my area recently and most of them were flea markets that happened to have some 2nd rate produce.

                    Winter is a great time in Florida for locally grown vegetables and fruits. Summertime, not so much. Although, right now you can walk down the street and pick up coconuts to your heart's content since a lot of people cut them off the trees and leave them sitting on the ground until they are gathered up during hurricane season. Also, giant avocados and mangos are pretty easy to come by.
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                      Mostly fresh produce, of course. Cheese - I like to try new kinds as well as cheddar, feta etc. Meat mostly comes from my freezer (meatshare), but I'll buy fish and things like bacon. Beef comes from a local butcher with a good selection of grassfed. Frozen berries (and frozen veg) from trader joe's are cheap and useful in all kinds of ways. Eggs - up to two dozen a week (just for me). Those bricks of frozen spinach and kale. Plain soda water for the occasional break from tap water. Dark chocolate - though I'm cutting way back on the chocolate thing - trader joe's again has a good value brand.
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                        love this thread! i am definitely one of those people who check out other people's grocery carts in the store. not gonna lie, i've definitely gotta bite my tongue when i see families buying a boatload of crap processed food for their kids. its their life, not mine though.

                        i buy my eggs & seasonal produce at the local farmers market...zucchini, squash, greens, tomatoes. so good right now! every now and then there will be a vendor selling grass-fed meats, but i find their prices to be outrageously expensive.

                        whatever veggies i cant get at the farmers market, i'll get at the grocery store. i also stock up on bags of frozen veggies for those days when i am too lazy to run to the store to pick up some fresh veggies. i'll also throw in some fruit (cherries, apples, figs, etc.), some full fat greek yogurt (if i am luck enough to find it), kefir, meats (typically chicken & beef...sometimes pork), and some canned sardines/tuna/herring/etc.

                        dark chocolate, nuts, almond butter, coconut milk, almond milk, sunflower seed butter...those are my pantry staples that i have to stock up on every couple weeks.

                        trader joes has these awesome roasted seaweed snacks now! only .99 at the store near me, they are great if you are looking for a salty, crispy snack.


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                          Originally posted by Griff View Post
                          8 cans of diced tomatoes (yes, we use them because we don't use tomatoes often)
                          Is the BPA the reason for rationalizing infrequent use? If so, I read an article the other day that made me feel better about using items that contain BPA: "Majestically Scientific" Federal Study On BPA Has Stunning Findings: So Why Is The Media Ignoring It? - Forbes

                          There's some back and forth on whether the results are valid, but I'm using it as a reason to not feel bad about using canned tomato and coconut milk occasionally.


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                            I bought a mess o' collard greens at the farmers market today. Gonna cook those up tomorrow along with some ribs and try the recipe for BBQ sauce from a couple weeks ago.
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                              Things we always get on our weekly grocery store trips.

                              Romaine Lettuce heads (or bagged cut lettuce if we have a coupon), apples, broccoli, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, onions, canned diced tomatoes, eggs, bacon, chicken breasts (bone-in and boneless, whichever is on sale), chicken broth

                              Yep, think those are usually always in the cart every week.

                              I agree with whoever said they wish they had a Trader Joe's in their area.
                              We don't and it blows. They would make SO SO SO much money if they opened up a store in this area. SO much
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