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So I ate a box of Mac 'n Cheese

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  • So I ate a box of Mac 'n Cheese

    This is what happened:

    Two nights ago I was just in a really rotten mood for no reason in particular. I didn't want to cook and just felt generally contrary. So I grabbed a box of Mac 'n Cheese at the store and made that for dinner.

    - It was a LOT saltier than I remember it being. That used to be me one go-to comfort food when I was feeling gross, I remember it being creamy and mild and soft. Now though? Salty and mushy were my main impressions.
    - I couldn't finish the whole box. I used to eat a whole box no problem and still be kinda hungry for more, I only ate half of it and was more than done.
    - Next day looooots of gas.
    - Heartburn came back!
    - Next evening the system was evacuated (not pleasant)
    - Return of hypnagogia night terrors! D: (for some reason it's always massive spiders hanging above my head reaching to get me)

    Most important thing though
    -> The next morning I had bacon and eggs for breakfast, that evening was primal curry.

    Basically, yeah, I was feeling like crap and said "screw it" and had something absolutely wretched for me for dinner one night. the very next day though I went right back to eating primal.

    Primal is my norm, everything else is an aberration

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    Originally posted by Tigerfeet View Post
    Primal is my norm, everything else is an aberration


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      I used to eat that stuff ALL THE TIME. From the age of 18 to 28 I would say that I probably ate more Kraft Mac and Cheese than any other single meal. At least twice a week for dinner.

      I have not had any in over a year now. I wonder if it would gross me out too now.
      "Canned food is a perversion,' Ignatius said. 'I suspect that it is ultimately very damaging to the soul."
      - John Kennedy Toole (A Confederacy of Dunces)


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        yeah, super gross. it's funny how that happens.
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          My kids don't even like it anymore (YAY!!!!)


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            it is funny how that happens! I had a few sips of diet coke and it taste like gasoline or something to me! gross...i dumped it out.
            I'm too stubborn to give up so I keep on trying.

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              wow. i used to really luv me some mac n cheese. I couldn't even throw out the last 2 boxes i had in the pantry. But the first post sorta makes me want to!

              last week on vacation i had an occasional flour tortilla, sushi & i ate the rice, 2 nights of indian food (w/ some rice & naan), and a few potato chips. Maybe some other stuff i don't usu eat. It def kinda messed up my system! I'm only today really feeling good like i did before vacation.


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                last sunday hubby and i had a cheat day, we had pizza for the first time in 2 months, and i con honestly say, it was gross, and boy did i feel it that day. never again >.<


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                  Mom made some good ol' oven baked mac 'n' cheese when I was home to visit.

                  It was awesome. I ate two big bowls.

                  That is all.

                  PS. I also didn't post a thread about it.
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                    homemade has got to be a lot better than the box stuff. However, i used to "doctor" mine up so much with jalapenos and sometimes salsa, def a drop or two of pepper sauce, i couldn't really tell how salty it was.


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                      We still have some Kraft dinner's in the cupboard...why i don't know. I'm loathe to let go! Even though neither of us has touched one in months.
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                        Kraft Foods to split into two companies - Aug. 4, 2011. If they are not renamed Mac and Cheese I shall be bitterly disappointed.

                        In recent years (pre-Primal). I've gone with the higher end, classier... Shells and Cheese by Velvetta


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                          Mac and sleeze I've hated that stuff since I was a teenager. I went through a poor phase where that's all I had for a while and haven't wanted anything to do with it since. I never even liked the adult versions years later with other pasta and different cheese (not that there is any actual cheese in MacNSleeze)


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                            It's sad that when I was a kid, all I knew how to make for dinner was Mac n Cheese with hotdogs. I would heat up frozen peas on the side for a vegetable so it appeared "healthy". Yikes.

                            Anyway, I had the same experience as the OP when I tried that last box of Kraft Mac n Cheese in my pantry a while back. Salty salty salty chemicals. Did I mention SALTY? I went back to check that I used unsalted butter and that my salt shaker hadn't accidentally fallen into the pot. Nope, just the way it really is. I forced myself to have several bites, and now that memory is so deep in my mind that I shall never crave the stuff again. My dad's homemade macaroni & cheese is a different story......
                            Jen, former Midwesterner, living in the middle of nowhere.


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                              Originally posted by Jen AlcesAlces View Post
                              Mac n Cheese with hotdogs.
                              OMG! I loved that! Now I never got into the Velvetta shells - it was just too sharp or something ick. Growing up Mom always extra milk for milky mac n cheese - mmmmm. But I admit the last time I had it - it does have a soggy taste...homemade mac and cheese is sooo much better... but I'd add tuna and a can of cream of mushroom soup Mmmmm.
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