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  • The Cold Shower Challenge

    Hey primal peeps!

    I think you will enjoy this.

    I true Grok fashion, I recently took the Cold Shower Challenge, and kissed my hot showers goodbye for a month. I had no idea what would happen... Surprisingly it turned out to be the best experiences of my life.

    Read my account here How I Crushed “The 30-Day Cold Shower Challenge” & The Great Life Secret I Discovered |

    Let me know what you think, and better yet, step up to the challenge yourself!


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    Great stuff for finishing the challenge. Not for me at this point methinks, but I kinda like the idea of going for an ocean swim every morning instead (I live near the beach)


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      I started taking colder showers a few weeks ago and it's pretty refreshing. I have to ease into the shower, though, or my heart does flip flops.

      Liam, I can only imagine how amazing a morning ocean swim would be. You lucky son of a gun, go for that swim!
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        i usually take warm showers myself, then when Im done cleansing I slowly inch the water down to full cold side and soak it up for a few minutes, it's as refreshing as I need . Ive never showered straight cold, on purpose.


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          Liam: Morning ocean swim beats a cold shower that's for sureeeeeee! I live about a 15 minute bike ride from the beach, so super close all things considered, but just a little out of reach for the morning wake up!


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            Cold showers are awesome! I can't remember the last time I used any hot water to shower. Then again, I live in Georgia and it's summer. The "cold" tap water isn't even that cold. And it's really hot outside, so it always feels good. But I took only cold showers in the winter also. Refreshing!


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              I love this! I started my challenge last night. The post-workout cold shower was awesome this morning, too!


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                I used to complain about the fact that the showers at college take 5 minutes to warm up. Now I relish the cold water whilst it lasts, and then enjoy a cheeky 5 minutes of warm water when it does warm up.
                I love being able to enjoy things


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                  i got to "enjoy" 11 days of cold showers post-Ike, a few years ago. Even in the sweltering heat & humidity, i was never able to linger one minute longer under that cold water than necessary.


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                    Awesome blog post! Quoting directly...

                    "...the little voice in my head kept saying “Dude, this is gonna SUCK!” Uuuh. Well, I wasn’t about to back down, so there was only one thing left to do. I told the little voice to shut up, gathered all my courage, and stepped in.

                    Holy shit. The little voice was right! It was shockingly cold and it sucked: I was gasping for air, then I started screaming, and then I pretty much just freaked out. I couldn’t handle it. I was out less than a minute..."

                    This has been my experience with cold showers thus far. Your blog has inspired me to give it another shot though!


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                      I gotta admit, i started giggling when i pictured you screeching underneath the shower. Good on you! I used to do this naturally when i lived back in Brisbane, although it's not hard when it's like 40C ambient :P
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                        Okay, quick follow-up to my last post. I just took my post-workout shower and, inspired by this thread, decided to make it a cold one. Holy good God that was rough! Benefit: I'm very, very awake right now!

                        I think the part that bothers me most is the extreme head rush, dizziness, etc, that occurs in the first 30 seconds. I think it's because I hyperventilate like crazy right off the bat. Anyway, I decided to stay in until I no longer felt uncomfortable -- which, to my surprise, happened after about 2 min. At that point I kind of enjoyed it, and stayed in a couple more min.

                        I actually think I can do this now. I'm in on the 30 day challenge!

                        Oh, and side benefit: no steamed up mirrors when I got out of the shower!


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                          Awesome post. Love the story about the swim in sea. But yeah, you are crazy!
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                            You people are crazy I'm one of those who just LOVES hot baths and showers. I think even if civilization ended as we knew it, I'd find SOME way to soak in hot water
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                              Originally posted by Betho View Post
                              You people are crazy I'm one of those who just LOVES hot baths and showers. I think even if civilization ended as we knew it, I'd find SOME way to soak in hot water
                              This. I enjoy me a nice cliff jump into a cold river as much as the next guy, but give me hot water in my daily shower!
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