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My Week of Sloth & Gluttony

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  • My Week of Sloth & Gluttony

    Two weeks ago I was on vacation in Montana. The vacation itself really wasn't the problem - we were at a big event in the middle of nowhere (fresh mountain air! beautiful views! great friends!) and we had our RV with a kitchen inside/grill outside. I'd planned ahead so that we had enough food to prepare tasty, wonderful Primal meals, and although I indulged a bit (mostly with alcohol - much more wine than I'd normally drink in a week, plus a good amount of decidedly non-Primal beer), the vacation itself was still well within the 80/20 rule, particularly when you add in the stress reduction of a week of play, plus great sleep thanks to the RV (tent camping is fun, but it rarely leads to good sleep on those cold Montana nights). I even did a little exercise while I was gone.

    So I come home last Sunday (a week ago), relaxed and ready to get back to my normal routine. I wake up Monday morning and just can't motivate to go to one of my two awesome exercise classes. During the day on Monday, my boss drops an anger-and-stress bomb on me (let's just say he and his boss did not "have my back" and reneged on a commitment to me). What did I do? I turned to my old frenemies, Ben & Jerry ... and that just threw me off for the whole week. Didn't exercise a bit, ate some good but a lot of craptastic food, and just let it all go to hell for a week. We were out of town again this past weekend, and I got home late, was tired and slept poorly on Sunday night, but I knew that I had to set a good precedent for the week and forced myself to get up for class yesterday and I'm so glad I did, even though I was exhausted. It felt so good to be doing something for me and my health in the morning, and it made my work day much less stressful. I ate well yesterday and feel bright and refreshed and ready to take on the world today (catching up on good sleep last night helped).

    So what did I learn (or, really, re-learn) from treating my body like crap for a week?
    -My digestive system can handle one meal of off-plan indulgence, but it sure starts to hate me after a few days.
    -My energy level hits rock bottom.
    -My stress level is sky high
    -I don't even really enjoy the food I'm eating.
    -I don't crave vegetables (but when I'm eating primally, I can't get enough of them!)
    -I feel bloaty
    -My lower back gets sore
    -I'm much more sensitive to hot weather
    -I feel 20 lbs heavier (even though I know that's not the case)

    The good news is that I didn't go totally crazy and go back to a fully SAD diet - I'd estimate I was still 60-70% Primal, but I ate way more than strictly necessary, and way more crap than I'd had in quite a while. And at least I didn't go into a months-long spiral of negativity (which I've done before).

    But y'know, it's just not worth it, and bad food <> stress reduction - it actually ADDS to my stress. Bad food <> love, but good food sure does.

    As I said to someone this weekend "No way, I can't drink like a high schooler anymore!" He said to me "Unfortunately, I still can." I said, "Well, true, I could probably DRINK like a high schooler, but I definitely can't RECOVER like a high schooler!"

    Same thing with eating and exercise - my 40-year old body really needs me to respect it, all day, every day, so there's no need for "recovery."
    "Sometimes, you need to make sure the angel on your shoulder has a wingman." -Me

    My primal log

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    thanks for posting that! at 30, i really need enough sleep/exercise/nutrition to function properly. hell, i felt like this at 23. lol!