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Sleep interruption kicking my recovery's ass!

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  • Sleep interruption kicking my recovery's ass!

    I posted a thread a while ago about poor sleep and waking up, well it's been spits and spurts, but I keep waking up. Out of extreme spite, I have gone out and purchased a black out blind so hopefully this will help matters.

    My issues are waking up *for no reason* and other times *getting up for a whiz*. I have taken to not drinking near bedtime, and not allowing any caffeine in the evening. I have flux for my monitors and laptops, but normally bed time is preceeded by a calming warm shower and relaxation by candle light.

    I gym it 3x on the weights and I have had a weekend to 'rest' but on the monday I still feel tired and DOMs'y! I can imagine this being related to me waking up 1-2 times a night. I've been primal for a month now (Strictly primal, have been primal for a long time, but naughty on weekends!).

    Another user suggested ear plugs (yep, even the wildlife wake us up), I may resort to it!!

    Hopefully the blackout blind and eye mask will help me out, but it's driving me insane.

    *no links to the blog post about early morning wakeups *

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    Do you sup with D3 and Mg?
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        I'd give it a try- statistically you're likely to be low on both, and they help my sleep quite a bit, especially sleeping through the night.
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          Magnesium is great for sleep - I use Mg oil but a lot of my friends swear by NaturalCalm before bed.

          You should also really consider getting rid of caffeine completely. Even one cup of regular coffee in the morning can disrupt sleep for some people. Switching to decaf helped my sleep a lot- but I sleep better when I have NO coffee or caffeine at all.
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            Check into Natural Calm. It's been brought up several times here, and a number of board members are on it, including myself. I'm out like a light when I take it and don't even wake up to pee anymore. It's highly bioavailable magnesium. (Only 2% of magnesium citrate is absorbed.) Someone here said (but I can't confirm) that it's the only supplement Robb Wolf takes. A lot of the heavy lifters love it because it really relaxes their muscles. Wolf used to have a helluva time with sleep, so check his site/podcast on the topic. There's a book he recommends; I think (?) it's called Lights Out.

            Here's this from Wolf's site:
            Category: Sleep
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              Have you ever noticed that you have a sleep apnea or sleep disorder? I experience catathrenia and it really messes up my sleep sometimes. This also leads to my having often to pee at night.

              Catathrenia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

              Also, it can help a lot to learn good sleep posture. This will open the chest allowing full breathing and take pressure off the spine for more comfortable sleeping.

              How to Improve Your Sleep Posture | Mark's Daily Apple

              I also recommend magnesium supplementation. My Naturopath recommended looking into the deep setting sun every evening as a way to stimulate the pineal gland. This is supposed to help with sleep. Also, adaptogen teas are supposed to be good.


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                Interesting. Would Magnesium supp capsules help?

                Bought some Natural Calm, for 20 for a possible remedy, I am NOT complaining. Look forward to receiving!
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                  What has been a *huge* help to me (in addition to Natural Calm) is Phosphatidyl Serine (sold as Seriphos). It's a natural supplement recommended to me by my naturopath. It's sold over the counter. My sleep suffered for my entire adult life - I'd wake up to pee and would be awake for hours. The seriphos keeps me asleep or, if I do need to get up, lets me fall right back to sleep. Highly, highly recommend.


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                    Got my Natural calm (magnesium supreme) in the post today, looking forward to trying it out!


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                      I hope it works. If not, try Bachs Rescue Remedy. Worked while I was pregnant and couldn't sleep properly.


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                        Also, get outside during the day with no sunglasses, as much as possible. Early morning to wake up, noontime for intensity, afternoon just because. Sunlight is a stimulator to wake you up (think about the blue light that flux is eliminating for you).


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                          Welp, not sure if it was a coincidence or mental fluffing but I slept rather well!! I did wake up but that was due to my partner getting up for the terlut . I look forward to tonight again, or a full week for a fair test. Good stuff !


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                            Thinking I might need to try some of your ideas, but I'm having a bit of a different problem. I am on day #5, and I am having trouble going to sleep. I have a 1.5 hour commute each morning, so I had been going to bed fairly early in order to get some good number of hours of sleep. This week I've been going to bed later than normal, and just tossing and turning.

                            I dont drink anything but water.
                            I dont eat after dinner (not hungry)
                            I take a nice relaxing walk before dinner.
                            The last couple nights I've been reading a bit in hopes it gets me sleepy.
                            It seems I'm getting plenty of fat from my steaks, etc.
                            I only been eating a little bit of vegis, and no fruits.

                            Once I'm a sleep, I sleep soundly, but its just getting asleep. I have dropped 10 pounds in these past 4 days, and feel terrific. Could it just be my body being energized, and not feeling sluggish and tired like in the past. Should I go to bed when I'm tired, and not worry about the number of hours right now?



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                              I've found worrying about time, and going to bed when tired is a good thing. But it's feeling tired that's the problem, unless I gym it, I rarely do.

                              Day #2 of Natural calm, not that great. Woke up about 4-5 (I think), and struggled to get off to sleep. Will be upping the dosage tonight.