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joints on left side only hurt,what gives?

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  • joints on left side only hurt,what gives?

    Hi all.this problem of mine started about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I had thought I overdone attempting pullups and other things because my elbow & the muscle between my neck & shoulder hurt.(I know I should know what its called but I dont).I have had knee problems since I was a kid so I didn't bat an eye when my knee started hurting two weeks ago. My fingers in my hand are swollen & sore as well. Last week my eyeball starting spasing off & on. I have taken it easy in my knee & shoulder,started taking magnesium, vit.d3 & calcium supplements. But no improvement. I've been eating primal & no nightshades for about 6 weeks & overall feel better. No Gluten for over a year.
    My concern has now increased since it hit me yesterday that all of my pain is solely on my left side. My right side feels great. Is this a cause for concern or left side weaker thus needing more time to adjust & repair?

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    If it were me, I'd run it by a doctor.
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