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Weight loss happening a bit too fast?

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  • Weight loss happening a bit too fast?

    Started at the end of April....hell call it May in reality. So in three months I went from 255 down to 212. 43lbs. in three months!!!! I would like to say that it is a crazy loss but here is the thing; I am gaining muscle and strength the whole time...strongest I have been in three years. I track my weight every Friday and the loss is anywhere from nothing to loosing 5.5lbs.

    Now the weeks I don't loose any weight I usually have serious gains in strength. The weeks I loose it is usually in the realm of 4/5.5lbs.

    I talked to one of my best friends....masters in exercise person said that my weight loss will fluctuate like that because of the way I workout and eat. His theory was that I am getting all of this strength gains and muscle growth I will have weeks like that as the body seems to go back and forth....also IF has a good effect as well. High intensity training followed by IF is good as well.

    PB is simply amazing and for me truly life changing. I preach it to everyone as people have really been amazed at 43lbs so far, and here is the thing...if I didn't love the food I wouldn't do it! This is the most consistent I have been in 12 years about working out. Strange how that is working out really. After reading PB and following it's workout system has been life changing as the diet has been. After reading Deep Nutrition: Why your Genes need traditional food made me understand what this is doing to me all the better.

    PB for all!

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    What a wonderful weightloss journey you've had so far on the PB, well done!


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        Great job on the weight loss. I don't it's too fast at all: (1) it averages out to a bit under half a pound a day, which is not excessive, and (2) you are gaining strength, which would not happen if you were losing it faster than your body can cope with.
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