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big weight losers - xiphoid process now noticable

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  • big weight losers - xiphoid process now noticable

    ok i noticed this several years ago when i lost weight and now that im starting to lose weight once more again ive noticed it, a small hard lump right in the middle of my chest at the bottom of my sternum. apparently its normal and called the xiphoid process, however i never noticed it before when i was heavier. if you press on it it actually hurts a bit. has anyone else that has lost a lot of weight discovered this thing?

    i dont know why but it bothers me lol im afraid im going to break it or something. weird i know
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    My brother has a really prominent one, it sticks out a good half inch. It runs in the family and I'm pretty sure only the guys in the family have one that's so noticeable. Mine, alas, is still well hidden
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      My husband's has started showing up now that he's dropped so much fat. I had no idea that his pointed out that much, lol!

      It's genetic in terms of shape, so don't worry about it!
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        Be careful - the xiphoid process can be broken off and puncture the diaphragm. (Of course, it would require the force of a car crash or a heavyweight boxer beating you like a piņata, but it IS possible)
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          Most doctors agree that protruding xiphoid process is completely normal, after losing a substantial amount of weight. This protrusion is likely caused by visceral fat which puts pressure to the entire rib cage, as well as the xiphoid process and pushes it out of its original place. And after losing subcutaneous fat, this protrusion becomes more noticeable...

          But if you start experiencing pain or any other sort of discomfort in this region, you should talk to your doctor.

          Source: Xiphoid Process Pain - Anatomy, Causes and Treatment