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Zits? Any possible correlation?

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  • Zits? Any possible correlation?

    I'm 24, been primal for about a month. Experiencing a lot of good things (weight loss, freedom from over-exercise, and starting to get back energy from the 'carb-flu'), and some bad things (ketone breath, carb flu sucked, etc). All the good things are vastly outweighting the bad things, which I am confident will pass with time.

    Just curious because I havent read anything about it, but I have noticed a slight increase in zits.

    I'm 24, havent had a 'problem' with zits in 3-4 years, and I cant remember really having many in the last year. Since I've been primal, I've noticed a few pop up, more then usual. (Not huge, but a few here and there)

    Anyone else experience this? Or have any input on the who/what/why?

    I dont do much for it beyond the normal morning/evening face wash, and dont really do the harsh stuff.


    Bob Andy

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    Same thing


    I was told that it was the body's way of detoxing. If you are only about a month in your body may still be getting rid of the last remnants of all the toxins. I had the same thing happen to me. Then it got better. However, if I were to slip and have something not so good for me that contained non primal foods, i had a few zits pop up. I am not totally sure on this so don't quote me on this. Maybe you can get some help from others. They are a great group of useful people.