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Feeling bad? Now there is a pill!

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  • Feeling bad? Now there is a pill!

    Just another fight the symptom, ignore the cure.

    Scientists Identify What Makes Us Feel


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    I'm not sure. I was going to rant about how our bodies need that period of lethargy in order to recover, but it turns out that they covered that in the article. Perhaps there are some chronic illnesses where this may be necessary, but then again maybe diet and lifestyle would go further.
    I do find it disturbing that someone can write, "Lethargy, fever and loss of appetite are symptoms of the body’s highly organized strategy to sacrifice biological and physiological priorities to provide the greatest chance of survival.", and "...reverse the inactivity and exhaustion brought on by acute illness" in the same damned article.


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      You need your rest.


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        Actually this is great news. Not for sleep but it would be very useful for additionc and obesity. cross reference Kruse..

        In response to illness, animals subvert normal homeostasis and divert their energy utilization to fight infection. An important and unexplored feature of this response is the suppression of physical activity and foraging behavior in the setting of negative energy balance. Inflammatory signaling in the hypothalamus mediates the febrile and anorectic responses to disease, but the mechanism by which locomotor activity (LMA) is suppressed has not been described. Lateral hypothalamic orexin (Ox) neurons link energy status with LMA, and deficiencies in Ox signaling lead to hypoactivity and hypophagia. In the present work, we examine the effect of endotoxin-induced inflammation on Ox neuron biology and LMA in rats. Our results demonstrate a vital role for diminished Ox signaling in mediating inflammation-induced lethargy. This work defines a specific population of inflammation-sensitive, arousal-associated Ox neurons and identifies a proximal neural target for inflammatory signaling to Ox neurons, while eliminating several others.
        Narcolepsy occurs because we lose a specific set of neurons in the hypothalamus that effects this coordination of signals. These neurons are called the hypocretin neurons (HC). These neurons are found in the ventral lateral hypothalamus in a small area that also control appetite and feeding. These neurons also effect loops that effect feeding. There is no set point. When we lose HC neurons we set up the neurochemistry that becomes resistant obesity. The dopamine tracts are the direct targets of the HC neurons.

        They are discussing the same thing

        Orexins, also called hypocretins, are the common names given to a pair of excitatory neuropeptide hormones that were simultaneously discovered by two groups of researchers in rat brains.[1][2]
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