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Recovering from a broken foot

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  • Recovering from a broken foot

    I fractured my 5th metatarsal when I was dancing, and here I am 3 weeks later waiting for the cast to come off and wondering what the best way to recover is.

    I am usually quite active, I was doing the grouse grind weekly (Grouse Mountain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) and also did yoga a few times a week, and weekly jogs and lots of walking.

    My calf on my broken foot is tiny, generally I can feel my body is less lean after only a few weeks of not exercising. I have also always been interested in going barefoot.

    Any advice on where to start? I read the article on barefoot walking, and plan on starting walking 10 minutes at a time, but am a bit weary. Maybe I should wait a while and stick to shoes until my foot recovers? Or maybe the best way to recover is to go barefoot to strengthen it?


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    Sara- I had foot surgery the first of July and just got the stitches out and the boot off on Saturday. I am still doing physical therapy but have started barefoot walking. The doc said I would be back in Asics when I was out of the boot and those were so painful. I bought some minimus runners (they have the vibram soles) and love them but also am frequently without shoes. If it were me, I would wait until both feet are free and not start while one is in a cast.

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