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Trader Joe's Organic Ground Beef is NOT Grassfed

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  • Trader Joe's Organic Ground Beef is NOT Grassfed

    Lots of us love TJ's. I spent time reading the package information on their Organic Ground Beef. Lots of no antibiotics and other feel-good descriptions but no mention of grass-fed so I asked customer service. Oops, oh no it's not grass fed, we found it was not selling. I took the opportunity to ask them to add some healthy saturated fats back in their products and drop the fat phobia. The nearest cashier was listening and shaking hs head yes!

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    I've noticed. I don't feel that just being organic is enough to justify how much they charge for it. I like a lot of products at TJs, but I rarely get meat there.


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      Do they still have the grassfed beef also? I know ours had both the organic and the grassfed. They were about $1 different in price (grassfed more).


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        The Trader Joe's near me (Detroit area) just started stocking organic grassfed beef a week ago. Sorry to hear yours stopped selling it.
        I'm retraining and strengthening my taste buds, one primal meal at a time.


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          The TJs here sells organic grass fed.... at least they did last week when I got 3 packages. It sells like hotcakes too.

          $5.99 lb


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            My TJ doesn't sell it either, actually their meat section is pretty pathetic. If it wasn't for TJ's local competitor stocking it, I'd have a real hard time finding it.


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              I rarely buy anything at TJ except pastured cheese and Two Buck Chuck.
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                I get the one that is marked "grass-fed." "Organic" is another matter.
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