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I love shopping.

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  • I love shopping.

    Anyone starting to get weird looks from the cashiers when they go shopping?
    I swear the cashier today told me to watch my meat consumption and to start eating grains.
    I simply smiled, paid for my meat, and left.
    It's funny how people react when you go in and buy 200 dollars worth of food for yourself every week.

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    Haven't had that happen, even when I go to the co-op and fill my basket with meat. (When I worked there 20 years ago it was nearly vegetarian.)

    At regular grocery stores, I consider myself lucky if the clerk is more than robotic.
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      I live in a very small town, people noticed when I first started losing weight and was on a high carbohydrate diet no fat and little protein.
      Now that I am actually enjoying Primal and going shopping for meat and nuts/vegetables/fruit. I get weird looks and questions by the cashiers.


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        I try to buy all my meat at the farmer's market so they don't look at me like I'm crazy. I couldn't make it over the last couple of weeks, due to moving, so today I stocked up. Ten lbs of ground chuck, ten lbs of chicken tenderloins/breasts (they take a dollar off of each lb if you buy ten at a time), short ribs, ground goat, bacon, pork chops and Polish sausages. The guy I buy from has great Polish sausage. And a couple pints of heavy whipping cream and asiago cheese. Bought a few veggies as well.
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