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  • Snacking on Baby Food

    Ok I may sound a bit weird but hear me out.

    My weekly grocery shopping has become slightly depressing since starting PB, wandering up and down the aisles full of yummy chocolate and chips and cookies and other things I cant go near with a 10 foot pole anymore.

    Anyway I'm always on the lookout for something quick and convenient to snack on besides almonds and pork rinds, and today I came across the baby food section. There were these little sachets of organic vegetable puree in lots of varieties, also fruit puree and some with meat included (as you can tell I dont have a kid!) so I picked up a few and took a look at the ingredients which (besides the ones with oats and rice and corn etc) were all primal & no preservatives.

    I thought "why not" and stocked up on a few! I have already tried the beetroot and vege puree, and once you get past the consistency they arent too bad! I just hope that my co workers dont pick up on the fact that I'm eating baby food at my desk I get hassled enough for my weird eating habits as it is(sweet potato for breakfast anyone!?!).

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    You're not a child. You don't need to snack. Especially if all you're doing is sitting at a desk all day. It's good to get out of the habit of eating just for the sake of putting something in your mouth, instead of because you're genuinely really hungry.
    If you really really need snack food, just cook up some hardboiled eggs or eat some (non-pureed) vegetables or something. That's a damn sight better than eating baby food, I would think.
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      I haven't snacked since I started the Leptin-reset. I only eat and feel hunger every 5-6 hours. Might be worth a try?


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        I must admit I much prefer to eat hard boiled eggs or cold cuts of meat/fish with some veg or berries when I'm hungry - I don't actually define snacks and meals, I just eat till I'm full, then when I'm hungry I eat again with the exception of the evening meal which I eat with my DH.

        After saying that I do have a luxury of a fridge at work as well of as home so this baby food idea may be helpful for someone needing something to tide them over on the go - I would just worry wheres the protein though - as without it you're just setting yourself up to stay hungry and keep needing snacks every few hours.
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          I have a baby so I am familiar with the sachets as I have a baby, slot of the things are quite high in fructose, seeing they add apple-puree to most of the baby-meals?


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            The thought of eating baby food sickens me and I would have to agree with the others. Hard boiled eggs are super easy to make! If you're having issue peeling the eggs, I would suggest watching this Alton Brown video: ‪Hard-Cooked Heaven-Food Network‬‏ - YouTube This technique works for me EVERY TIME! I put mine in for 13 minutes instead of the suggested 12 minutes.


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              It's too easy these days to blend your own baby food - no need to buy that crap off the shelf. *blech*


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                I for one appreciate your post I don't find that I need to snack too much either, but I do sometimes want yummy/healthy convenience foods as part of my meals and this might fit the bill. I also find that I eat less when I'm not "afraid" I'll run out of food, so having some pouches of baby food in the desk would help me out!