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If you had $20 to spend on primal food.....

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  • If you had $20 to spend on primal food.....

    what would you buy? I'm getting groceries in the am, and actually have some wiggle room in the budget this week. I'd like to buy something primal, and would love ideas-especially fun ones Maybe something you buy rarely as a treat, or a stock up item you can't live without? I'm still new to primal eating so I don't have a lot in my house yet. I'm shopping at Meijer btw.

    So-if you had $20 to spend at the grocery store, on anything you wanted, (that fit in primal guidelines), what would you buy?

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    10 $2 steaks!
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      Bones to make bone broth.

      Sardines or herring.



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        Budget mince and eggs are on the top of my grocery run.
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          Nuts, cocoa powder unsweet, olive oil.
          Check list done


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            Coconut butter.


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              Roary giveth meh the butter! lolz
              I swear I could live off nut butters.


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                There isn't really anything "special" I have. I would probably take the opportunity to stock up on dark chocolate.


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                    Bison, avacado
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                      Hard to argue with steak -- ribeye has always been my favorite, and it turns out that with PB, it's the best cut of beef, too (perfect combo of protein and fat)

                      Followed by any combination of good green veggies -- spinach,asparagus,broccoli

                      Then if there was anything left, a nice mix of fresh berries.
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                        I love this question because it's exactly what my daily limit is.

                        You could go a million ways. As far as square meals go, I'll say:

                        -nice buffalo shank, maybe 1.5 pounds (this includes meat, bone with marrow inside, surrounding fat)
                        -sweet potato
                        -half a cabbage
                        -a couple little purple potatoes
                        -some parsley, canned crushed tomatoes, and onion for taste

                        That's everything you need for a day at around 13-15 bucks. Of course you can't buy half a cabbage, but that and the other portions you split between different days.

                        ps-this is a stew in case you didn't figure that out


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                          If it was twenty extra dollars on top of my normal food purchases I would go with an amazing ribeye steak to have on the grill with a few shrimp to have along side for some surf and turf. Doesn't get any better than that
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                            I'd buy 7 young Thai coconuts .... but then again I'm a freak.

                            The checkout ladies at the Asian market get a kick out of the white chick. "You alway like so much coconut, huh?!"
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                              Originally posted by TigerLily View Post
                              I'd buy 7 young Thai coconuts .... but then again I'm a freak.

                              The checkout ladies at the Asian market get a kick out of the white chick. "You alway like so much coconut, huh?!"
                              Hahah...what is special about young Thai coconuts? I tried mature, 'normal' coconuts and was not crazy about them.

                              Am I supposed to be putting the lime in the coconut?
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