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We're 10!

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  • We're 10!

    Today, my wife and I celebrate our 10th anniversary of marriage.

    We're not much for going out, but we do like celebrating in our own way. Warning! Not all the things you are about to see are primal, but I've been strict enough and my dear lady does like fail food ...

    Taramasalata, guacamole, olives and some dipping things:

    You can't have a party without things on cocktail sticks

    Caviar ... with some Dolcelate and biscuits:

    Nice spread, even if I say so myself ... for two :twisted:

    All washed down with some fizz:

    Burp! Still half a bottle to get through ... better man up and get it done!

    Cheers all ... I may be some time ...

    "... needs more fish!"

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    Where's the beef?

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      these pictures are lovely! I think you're allowed a few crackers on your TENTH anniversary, congrats!
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        You guys weren't planning on eating alone were you. I'm on my way over

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          I do think the 10th anniversary is the cracker anniversary. Congrats man!


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            Thanks guys (that's gals, too). My wife is not "paleo" or "primal" but comes along for the ride because I do all the cooking in our house. She does like the food I cook, but I know she eats a lot of cup cakes, like breads and likes crackers. She is a size 6 (US 4, I think).

            We've had a great evening. People do insist on ringing us up, even at this late hour so I'm able to check in and read some replies.

            I'll chalk the Champagne (a Magnum, so 1.5L of the proper stuff!) and two crackers up as my 20%. I put 10 crackers out and there were 3 left! I love lettuce instead and my wife does seem to be leaning that way.

            Thanks for the replies! It is a celebration ... we've both been married before, so counting in the years the second time round is less of a big thing since we're very happy and those years just seem to roll by too quickly. It's still cause for celebration.

            Cheers, all.

            Oh, Kenn - back on the beef tomorrow. Chilli night!

            "... needs more fish!"