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  • Wisdom Teeth - Antibiotics

    So I'm getting my wisdom teeth out next week. The dentist wants me to start on antibiotics a few days before. I'd rather not as I've taken great pains to get my gut in order. Would it be stupid to not take them?

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    I hate that. It's a protective measure that many dentists do now. I wouldn't take them unless there was a specific reason, like I had a compromised immune system or something. I've had a number of extractions, root canal and gum surgery and never once was given antibiotics. Of course, over the last ten years I was living in Europe where antibiotic mania hasn't struck.
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      Oh yeah, if you have a cardiac condition it's sometimes recommended, but even this study shows it to be not recommended across the board.

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        No cardiac or other condition, just crowded teeth. Too bad Mom didn't read some Weston A Price.

        Maybe I'll skip it then. My wife might flip out though.


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          I had all four removed and he didn't tell me to take any. To this day I don't remember the car ride home........ XD


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            Had all 4 taken out when I was in my 30s, and don't recall having any ABs prescribed. Some pain meds, but no ABs.


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              Oh, and here's a blog post about it by a doctor. MD Whistleblower: Why Do Dentists Prescribe Prophylactic Antibiotics So Often? If your wife freaks out tell her you'll fill the prescription so at the slightest hint on an infection you'll have them. The go to Publix or another place3 that fills antibiotic scripts for free so you don't have to actually pay for them. Then toss them afterwards.
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                Two excellent links, thank you. I'm definitely skipping them.

                From the first link:

                Conclusions. Aside from the specific situations described, there is little or no scientific basis for the use of antibiotic prophylaxis in dentistry. The risk of inappropriate use of antibiotics and widespread antibiotic resistance appear to be far more important than any possible perceived benefit.

                From the second link:

                When physicians and dentists prescribe unnecessary ATBS, there are many adverse consequences. Here is a sampling.

                Money is wasted.
                Resistant bacteria emerge that can be more difficult to treat.
                It teaches patients to expect and demand ATBs when they are not indicated.
                Potential of serious side-effects and drug interactions.

                For example, there is a condition called pseudomembraneous colitis caused by the germ Clostridium difficile, affectionately known as C. diff. The primary cause of this diarrheal disease is ATBs. There isn’t a hospital in the country that is not struggling with this stubborn and serious disease. Some of these patients have died or had their entire colons removed. Once the germ is present in your large intestine, or colon, it can be impossible to eradicate. I see a case of C. diff at least every week. For some of these unlucky folks, C. diff becomes a chronic disease.

                I have seen many C. diff cases that developed from brief courses of antibiotics prescribed by dentists and physicians. Some of these patients now have an incurable gastrointestinal affliction caused by just a few ATB pills. I help these folks as best I can. I don’t think it helps them for me to share that they never needed the ATBs in the first place. This inconvenient truth would be too hard for them to swallow. I wish that their ATBs had been too hard to swallow.


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                  I had my wisdom teeth remove 17 years ago and wasn't given antibiotics prior to. Came out fine.