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Any suggestions, any ideas, anything would be helpful!

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  • Any suggestions, any ideas, anything would be helpful!

    Hey Everyone,
    It's been 8 weeks, 100% primal, no grains, no sugar/starches, exercising, complete and total dedication. Gaining weight and inches and not in a good way. Clothes are NOT getting looser, quite the opposite. I got my thyroid removed 1 week before I started PB and that's a can of worms in and of itself. But I'm wondering if anyone has had similar experiences, or if there are suggestions out there. My friend started this 5 days ago and he has already lost 5 pounds. I started 8 weeks ago and have gained at least 10.

    Trying not to get discouraged...


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    May be a stupid question, but were overweight (less fit) to begin with? Not much info for a diagnosis. Don't be discourged, outside of any issues from thyroid removal, your body should begin to take care of itself... aye?

    Good Luck!
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      Please don't get discouraged. Changing eating straight after an operation that will mess up you bodies hormones is bound to be very confusing for your body.

      Could you post yr weight and height and a few days sample menus then perhaps we'll be able to make some sensible suggestions, till then it would just be stabbing in the dark.

      Immediately I would say if you're aiming to lose weight that cutting out all dairy and nuts is the way ahead. I'd also say forget about deliberately IF'ing - just eat when you are hungry and don't stress it all too much.
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