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Exercise induced coughing

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  • Exercise induced coughing

    Anyone else get really bad coughs after working out hard?

    So apparently i have exercise induced asthma, which I never knew I had because I never worked out this hard before. I did grow up with hay fever when I lived in Ohio, but that went away when I moved to the NW. I do still have allergies, which has improved since eating PB. Apparently asthma and allergies are related and they are an infammatory disease. So I am now realizing how sensitive I am to wheat, gluten, sugar, and dairy.
    So now I know I have to get really strict with my eating. I was eating whey protein shakes, but i think I will need to give that up. And because I don't have celiac or get stomach pains from wheat, there were times I would let a little bit slide if it was in things. But now I am going to do my best to get rid of infammation.

    Anywone else have issues...what have you tried to cure it?

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    I've battled with asthma for as long as I can remember. Mine also manifested in coughing fits after strong exertion. When I got older I was able to forgo the inhaler but poor diet and poor exercise regimen left me quite a mess. When I picked activity back up with primal eating and exercise I also bought a bike and started riding that around. Since I've been primal I have much fewer coughing fits and I am slowly improving.


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      I have exercise induced asthma for years but didn't even know. I was into cycling for a while and one day went riding in a bunch that had a doctor in it. At the end of a long ride through some cold mountains she asked me where my ventolin was. I was a bit puzzled and asked why would I need a ventolin. She looked at me as if I was a bit dumb and said, "For your asthma"

      I still get it now if I exercise in the cold air but I don't worry about it too much.


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        Ditto! I still occasionally get that hacky cough after a tough cardiovascular workout. I have exercise induced asthma and use an inhaler when I work out. BUT I use it a lot less now that I've been Primal for a while. I really do think that inflammation from wheat/grains played a big part in my breathing issues.


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          Definitly be 100 percent strict with grains. My only (external) symptom of celiac was a chronic cough that got worse with exercise.


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            yep i just discovered i have had this for years as well. just getting over a case of bronchitis brought on by it. my doctor gave me an albuterol inhaler.
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              used to have exercise induced asthma when i was younger. same i got an inhaler for when it happened. usually only during summer near certain trees for me...


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                I cleared my lifelong asthma with EFT. I can dance like crazy now and have no problems.

                Getting sufficient in vitamin D is supposed to help, too.
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                  I am determined not to get an inhaler or medication. So today for lunch I ate a green salad with olive oil and salmon and took a fish oil supplement, which I had not done before. I worked out really hard today and I didn't get the coughs. So i think that eating a anti inflammatory diet will help. it's amazing how many things can be cured with food.

                  @dragonfly, I'll have to check out that EFT techniques for asthma. I use to use EFT for my nerves when auditioning and performing. But then I didn't need it anymore because I never got nervous again so it worked.


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                    I've found that the Lift Heavy Things exercises don't aggravate my asthma at all. Before when I would try to exercise (chronic cardio) I wasn't able to work my muscles because I'd be hacking and coughing before they even really had a chance to stretch. But with LHT I can work to exhaustion no problem. Sprinting has gotten easier too.