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Husband and Wife go Primal.

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  • Husband and Wife go Primal.

    Hi all, new guy here looking for a little advice.
    Not sure if this is the right forum for this but here it goes. Mods, if there is a better forum for this, please move it there.
    My wife and I started the Primal diet July 4th. So far I have lost about 15 pounds, my wife nothing.
    I'm 43 and at the beginning of the diet about 65-70 pounds over weight.
    My wife is 33 and about 10-15 pounds over weight.

    We both have been under 50 grams of carbs a day, sometimes a pinch more, but under 100 for sure.
    I want to start bringing in fruit to bring in a little more carbs and add some more variety to the snacks.
    The problem is my wife has not lost any weight. She walks all night long for her job, she's an ER Nurse so she is getting exercise.
    Me on the other hand, no exercise.

    She's looking for answers, or wants to quit.
    Any Suggestions?


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    Great start! If you still have 50 lbs. to lose I would limit fruit to 1/2 cup berries once a day .

    Your wife might be leptin resistant. The keys to resetting LR according to Dr. Jack Kruse are:
    A. Eat 50 grams protein w/in 30 min. of waking (7 eggs, 7 oz. Meat)
    b. 50 grams carbs per day
    c. No Snacking between meals and 5-6 hrs between them
    d. 4 hours between dinner and bed

    There is a 34 page thread here on MDA and Dr. Jack Kruse started a blog about a month ago at - Jack Kruse
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      THere are a lot of threads around about how women don't have quite the same immediate results as men. Some things to consider:
      1. Sleep plays a huge role in weight loss. Night shift can cause problems.
      2. You have only been at this for a couple of weeks. Sometimes it takes over a month for their bodies to adjust and the scale to start moving. Some people need to heal their insides before their bodies will drop weight. Ditch the scale, or at least keep her off it.
      3. Some people lose fat without losing weight. Did you take any measurements when you started? Waist/hips/chest/thighs/arms/neck are a good place to start, though there may be others that I didn't think of. This is a better way to track fat loss than a scale.
      4. The less you have to lose, the slower it goes. If she only has 30 pounds to lose, it may not come off quickly.
      5. How does she feel? Sometimes there are more important things than weight loss going on. She may have noticed a difference in how she feels.

      Remember, it has taken you years and years to get to where you are. It may take months or years to get to where you want to be. This is about health, not immediate movement of the the scale.

      Not to question your wife's integrity, but I used to work in hospitals and there are always snacks and junk around. How good is she when she's at work?
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        Any way she can switch to day shift? Night shift is extraordinarily bad for health.

        Are you eating the same portions? She'll need smaller ones.

        Leptin reset may help.

        +1 on measurements- weight means absolutely nothing, throw away your scale.
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          I work in health care as well, and I am on my feet for 8-12 hours per day. I have found that the walking involved does not help with weight loss. Too much start and stop, maybe?

          It may be better to get the Primal eating habits down first and add exercise in a few weeks.


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            Is your wife snacking on nuts or eating a lot of cheese or other dairy? These can be weight-loss killers.

            Another possibility is that she is losing fat, but that the fat cells are temporarily re-filling with water. You need to keep her inspired to stick with this for at least a couple more weeks
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              Help her find a way to lower stress. When I worked nights at a care center the stress killed my weight loss, new job working during the day and it sped up. I doubt she wants to quit but maybe there is a way she can destress?

              Also, are you guys working out, lifting weights and all that? Does she feel any change? (looser clothes, anything?)
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                You had 65-70 to lose and are male.
                She had 10-15 to lose and is female.

                That's the heart of the matter right there. It becomes harder to lose as you get closer to your ideal weight. It's also just easier for guys. Basic biology. Women's bodies are fat storage machines. They want to hang on to some extra for pregnancy/nursing purposes.

                I also agree with what was said above about the night shift really jacking up your hormones and making it even harder.

                So that just means that she is going to have to try a little harder than you, not that it is impossible. If you want some more snacks, it would be nice to keep them at work or somewhere else other than right under your wife's nose so as not to tempt her.

                The leptin reset program mentioned above is also a great idea. One of the key principles is NO SNACKING. None. Zero. I know the diet industry has been pushing regular snacking on us for years but that is bunk. Your wife, as a health care professional, I'm sure would be interested in Dr. Kruse's plan and see the wisdom in it.


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                  This sounds familiar. I've been working my a$$ off and losing very little, but I feel great and many people have asked if I've lost weight. Still can't fit into my old jeans, but that bloat is gone and I feel slimmer. I have about 20 to lose.

                  My brother has only been doing this for a few weeks and has lost tons of weight and is feeling amazing. He's much more muscular than I am, though. I'm sure his muscles are helping his fat burn. He's been doing primal fitness for years, but just now started in with the diet component.
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                    Thanks for all the feedback ladies and germs.

                    To answer a few questions....
                    I'm sure she's not cheating on the snacks. She's not the type of gal to half-ass something.
                    We understand the health challenges with working nights, days are not an option right now.
                    She does eat smaller portions than I.
                    She does some snacking on Almonds, about 2 dozen a day. A little bit of cheese and sour cream.
                    Essentially, we eat the same stuff throughout the day but in different portions.
                    We have not taken measurements. She says her clothes are still tight.
                    She feels pretty good.

                    She has been reading up on the Leptin reset, so I'll see what she has to say about that....


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                      You could always try quick elimination diet with the nuts, then the dairy. For some people those can really hold them back.
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                        She does some snacking on Almonds, about 2 dozen a day. A little bit of cheese and sour cream
                        If she is eating these almonds between meals or after dinner they are disrupting her fat burning cycles...Any calories, low carb or not will do that; especially if she is leptin resistant.

                        In her case, the night shift work is disruptive enough for her metabolism to account for the difference in results between you. Control what you can and don't sweat the rest, you know you are treating your bodies much more kindly, regardless of weight loss.