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What do you do when it's raining all the time?

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  • What do you do when it's raining all the time?

    I know for some people this might sound like a stupid question but unfortunately I live in a part of the world where it's raining A LOT. My bf and i love to go hiking and biking and try to use every single weekend day with sun to go on long tours. Right now it has rained for already 2 weeks and it's supposed to rain the whole weekend again. I really wanna do something fun on this weekend but I cannot think of something. Going to the gym does not quite do the trick when all you wanna do is spend time outside.
    What do you do when it doesn't stop raining outside?
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    put on rain gear and go outside.

    honestly, where we live, it is wet. In winter, it rains nearly every day, and often pretty much all day for many days on end. If we didn't go out in the rain, we would never go out at all.

    Here, cyclists don rain gear and go for rides. Walkers, runners, and boating folk don rain gear and do their thing. Even the dogs have rain gear. Everyone has rain gear. I think it's a requirement to get into the country.

    DS must go outside, you see. And we live by the sea also. And it's winter (not snowy), and so we put on his rain gear, and he plays in the water like it's summer. He comes home bone dry.

    Rain gear. It's where it's at.


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      What kind of gear do you have, besides the obvious waterproof coats?
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        Throw on a swimsuit and go outside. Get wet, don't be afraid of the rain. Hell, yesterday I walked an hour to work in the middle of a big ass thunderstorm. I was soaked, but I felt good.
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          I get wet.

          My LHT routine is typically indoors, but if it's raining I may delay outside stuff for a day, but not always.


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            I'm a bit jealous actually. It hasn't rained here for about three weeks. Everything is parched.
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              It rained for two months straight this spring. I almost lost my mind. I get very depressed when I don't see the sun for so long. I don't have much for you. I go out in the rain, but get really sick of it after awhile. I feel for you.
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                I can't even remember the last time it rained here.

                I was jogging earlier this spring and a pretty serious thunderstorm came out of nowhere when I was about 3 miles from home. I waited out the lighting under a covered parking garage, when it finally stopped I just ran the 3 miles home in the pouring rain. It felt good, I was in five fingers and could feel the puddles and mud under my feet.
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                  Move to a dryer climate! We just moved from the rainy Pacific Northwest to Santa Fe, New Mexico & couldn't be happier.
                  The incessant rain was really getting me down.

                  Now my challenge is to get out early enough before it gets too hot!
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                    Yeah, moving is definetly the plan. I just need to finish my PhD first...Semms like I need to buy rain trousers first. I do have a rain jacket already. That's probably what you mean by raingear, is it?
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                      Originally posted by joelwlcx View Post
                      Throw on a swimsuit and go outside. Get wet, don't be afraid of the rain. Hell, yesterday I walked an hour to work in the middle of a big ass thunderstorm. I was soaked, but I felt good.

                      Rain is a great excuse to go barefoot as well especially if you're worried about "looking funny".


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                        Er, get wet?

                        (Also I have waterproof trousers for cycling, which are the bee's knees. Puts paid to all the witty drivers playing the 'can we make this cyclist any wetter?' game.)


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                          Just go out... Rain is water, not sulphuric acid.
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                            It's just water. I live in Vancouver where is rains 300 days a year.
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                              I usually throw on some shorts, a hoodie and a bush hat and walk in the rain. Alternately, go for a swim at an indoor pool!
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