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  • Clean protein sources in Los Angeles

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to see if anyone could share their experiences buying clean meat (grass-fed beef, pastured pork, etc.) in Los Angeles. I'm trying to buy an eighth/quarter/bulk pack. Specifically, I'm in the west Valley area, but I'm willing to drive a bit to a farm or market to pick up if necessary.

    I recently moved here from San Francisco, where it was really easy to get these things. Pastured pork seems particularly hard to find in LA, and none of the beef ranchers I've emailed have responded to my inquiries.

    So, anyone have any sources they particularly like? And while we're at it, let's think bigger - what about sources for sustainable seafood? Pastured chicken, duck, game meat? Anyone want to pair up for buying?

    Oh, and I get the Vital Farms eggs from Whole Foods, but I'm not married to them if anyone knows a local producer that takes equally good care of their hens. Especially if they offer reasonably priced chickens as well.

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    Check your local farmers market; that's where I buy my grass raised bison, beef, and pastured chickens (and that's in the culinary wasteland of the South Bay - no relation to the Bay Area South Bay). I believe the Studio City farmers market is supposed to be pretty good, and I know you can get all the tasty meats at the Hollywood Farmers Market on Sunday. Also, Lindy & Grundy butcher shop opened a few months ago on Fairfax between Melrose and Santa Monica on the border of WeHo. Look them up online. Their products are fantastic and they have developed great relationships with the farms from which they buy. Welcome to LA!


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      Thanks, bob. I'll have to do that - hopefully if I find a good source there they will bring bulk orders as well!

      I had read about that butcher shop, will check it out if we're in the area.

      Thanks for the welcome! (It's actually a "welcome back," to be precise! It's just that last time I lived here I was eating plenty of whole grains after my treadmill workouts...)


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        Try Eat Wild.


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          Eat Wild is not a very good resource, I've found. The site is poorly organized and hard to find the information you're seeking. For example, the most granular drill-down you can do is by state. It doesn't do me much good to get a list that includes 50 producers from the Bay Area who don't deliver to LA. There doesn't seem to be a lot of vetting of producers - all the information is self-provided. You often have to jump to the producer's own site to try to determine just what their ranching standards are. You can't choose by the type of product you're looking for, it's all lumped together. And so far I'm batting 0.00 getting a response from any producer I've contacted to try to purchase.

          Therefore, I figured the most valuable source of information for primal product is primal people! Where and what have people been able to purchase, what can they say about the quality, etc. Direct input on whose hand I should go shake, rather than just guesses.