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  • Primal hot sauces...

    Well, I'm pretty sure the title says everything here... Discuss.

    I'm a fan of Melinda's habanero sauces myself. No mention of "spices" or "flavors" at all... Just habaneros and goodness.

    Oh, and Frank's RedHot too. Oddly enough.
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    Drop 8 orange habeneros in a blender and cover with ACV. Blend until the peppers are chopped fine. Add a can and a half of tomato paste and another couple inches of ACV. Blend some more. Add 1 tablespoon of konriko creole seasoning and fill with ACV to 32 oz's. Blend some more. Enjoy.


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      If I dropped on habenero in the blender, I would have to dial 911. If I start to unscrew the lid from a jar of habeneros, I go into a coughing fit.
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        That would suck not being able to eat habeneros! Damn they have best flavor of ANY pepper.
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