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Need help re. my visit to the gastro

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    So how's your digestion since eliminating all dairy? Have you had any at all in the last 10 days?

    You can buy or make ferments. Traditionally, *all* condiments were fermented, and all pickled foods were. In the last 100-200 years, vinegar has replaced fermentation (it copies the taste and preservation abilities, but loses the probiotic feature of fermentation) in most preserved foods. Fermenting is EZ. The simplest way to start is to cut up some cabbage, mix in some shredded carrot, stuff a quart Mason jar full, add a tablespoon of (unrefined) sea salt), cover with water, cover the jar (with anything, but if it's airtight, be sure and leave some room above the liquid so it doesn't explode!), and leave on the counter for 3-30 days. When it smells tart and is bubbly, it's fermented. You just made sauerkraut!

    options for buying: Unsweetened yogurt of any kind, some sour cream (look for "live and active cultures"), buttermilk, some sauerkraut (should have no ingredients other than cabbage & salt, and shouldn't say "pasteurized"), Bubbies pickles, GT's kombucha. Check out the link someone gave above to learn more about ferments or put this in google: ferment

    I make fermented mayo, sauerkraut, kim chee, pickles, beets, beet kvass, watermelon rind, salad dressings, apple butter, wines, apple cider vinegar, hard apple cider, kefir, garlic, all kinds of things. You can do pickled eggs, pigs' feet, soy sauce, ketchup, mustard, beer, sourdough bread, all manner of things. Best for beginning is just to keep it simple - pick something that sounds appealing to you, learn it, and do it weekly so you always have some on hand. Eat a condiment-sized portion with lunch & dinner, and you're doing what people before you have nearly always done, all over the world.
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      I agree with above, return to the slow carb plan if that was working for you. It is quite similar except for the legumes. If your body did better with the legumes, and did not have these issues, I would listen. Each of us has very different GI issues. Slow carb is a good diet in my opinion.
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