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    Hi all,

    I've been on PB for just over a week now, and since starting I have lost 9lb...started at 18' 01', weighed in today at 17' 06'. I've had two 24hr IF's in this period and had no real cravings or problems dropping carbs.

    I'm just curious as I have had no really problems with appetite and the weight is falling off, almost at to good a rate...has this been anyone else's experience? I'm sure the weight will plato at some point but my blood sugar levels have levelled out really hypo's from not eating every 4 hours etc and to be honest I couldn't be more pleased with making the change to Primal. I say, I'm just curious as whether someone may no why this is happening (as in more than 2lb a week) and why I'm not having crazy appetite craving.

    All in all, Grok has changed my life...long live Grok


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    sounds like you're one of the lucky ones! enjoy!


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      The large scale difference is mostly water weight. Muscle glycogen is bound to water, so when you go low carb and store less glycogen you lose some water in the muscles. A pound of bodyfat contains around 3500 calories, so I doubt that speed of fat loss could be achieved even in an obese individual doing long term water fasting. It's a great motivator for many people though ^^


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        You are surely loosing a lot of water weight, but that's a good thing! Water bloats you out and you'll feel much better not carrying all the excess around with you. Glad you are not having carb withdrawl - I didn't either and felt so much better not having to eat all the time. The excess insulin was increasing my anxiety to a point where I would drink or do other stupid stuff to try to feel better and that was always short lived (and usually unhealthy). If you have a lot of weight to loose, you may drop like this for another week or two, so enjoy it!


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          ... that's awesome news thanks for the comments.

          I had an idea it was water, as was mentioned above, that much weight in such a short time really couldn't have been anything else. Just bloody surprising how much this does bloat you out. Above the weight drop, I was surprised how this has effected my blood sugar levels. I naturally have relatively low blood sugar and was prone to hypo's if food wasn't consumed within 3-4 hr periods. I always put this down to my training and the body craving calories...conventional wisdom once again...

          Since I started Primal I have had no episodes whatsoever. I'm eating almost half the calories I was (I'm not counting, but have made comparisons) and have a constant, if not higher natural energy level. I've even had several 24hr fasts (4hrs into my fourth fast since 1st July as I type) with no blood sugar issues.

          I really can't express in words what this has done for my complete approach to nutrition and my health. As a fitness professional myself I'm re-evaluating all the principles I've read in the past...very exciting times...

          Thanks again for the comments...


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            Great Job!!! It's always good to hear when something goes right

            I'm in the same boat as you. I begain eating primaly 3 1/2 months ago and have steadily lost 10+ lbs a month. I also joined CrossFit and I'm sure that helps alot in those numbers too, since I was pretty inactive prior. I began to plateau and IF recharged the weight loss again. But I've been curious if it's too much too fast for too long...I've read that 1-2 lbs a week is good but this is different, I'll go 4 days steady then loose 5 lbs in 4 days, then gain 1 lbs in 4 days then loose 4 lbs in 4 days and etc. I started at 230 lbs and I'm 5'8" tall.

            Wondering if I should be worried about the continuous weight loss? Any ideas?


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              congrats! I remember I lost 5lbs the first week, and then 1-2lbs a week afterwards.
              I've been doing PB for 3 months and only lost about 15lbs so far, but I've been gaining muscle at the same time.
              The last 5 weeks I plateaued from taking in too much fruits and nuts, but I started to cutting additional carbs to stay below 100g and I need to reintroduce IF back in. PB is defiantly turning into a lifestyle, I hope you stick with it too!!