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Help! body's hot (& not in a good way)

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  • Help! body's hot (& not in a good way)

    I have searched and searched to see if there was something on here already but couldn't find anything.

    I have been primal for just over 3 weeks now. 80 %. I have always gotten cold very easily, always have cold feet and hands (I know this was not good but I was used to it and as a Pastry chef that handled chocolate and butter a lot it was a good thing for me at the time)

    The past four days my body is putting off lots of heat. all much so that when people get near me they can feel it.

    Yes I am almost 40. My womanly cycle has not changed in any way. No I am not sweating, it does not come and go. there is no flash it is constant. it is not uncomfortable. only different. I do not feel sick. I feel great actually.

    Is this related to my body switching gears regarding going primal? will it eventually regulate to a less hot temperature? Or should I see a Dr? (not fond of them so would prefer not to)

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    I'd bet you anything the doc would claim peri-menapause, having no idea what is really going on with you. You sound healthy and well to me. This is your metabolism kicked into full gear. The fuel you don't need is being burned by the body as heat since it can't be stored as fat now due to the reduction of carbs and therefor insulin. My hands and feet don't get as cold as they used to either. I used to wake up sweating when I first reduced my carbs, but it subsided. My brother-in-law who can eat and eat and eat has always been naturally thin and he radiates heat like a furnace.


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      Yeah, some people just radiate heat! My husband has a metabolism like a racehorse and he's always very warm. Good in the cold Canadian winters though :P
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        I noticed the same thing after going primal. It's especially "bad" in the morning and wakes me up. I have to kick off the covers and cool down.
        It also happens randomly during the day and sometimes after meals. I am 51, so it might be menopause, but I don't think so. I rather agree with newberrycrater--it's fat being converted to waste heat. Goodbye, fat!
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          Thanks all! I was about to say "sorry you're heating up too" Blackbird, but I too am going with, Newberrycrater is correct, so instead ill say "congrats"!.

          It's over 100 most days & the heat radiating off my skin (it feels like an all over sunburn) isn't helping. Having the mindset that its fat burning makes it bearable.


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            Same has happened to me. I used to have to wear thermals, socks and have hot water bottle in bed even in summer. Since going primal I'm down to thin cotton nightie. I see it as body resetting itself. Will let you know if it settles down.
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