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Refreshing the oral cavity - portable/handbag alternatives to chewing gum?

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  • Refreshing the oral cavity - portable/handbag alternatives to chewing gum?

    Oh, yes... Chewing-gum isn't very primal. Actually, it isn't primal at all - the ingredients list is scary, and I do suspy some of them work as addictive drugs.

    That being said, how do you use to refresh the oral cavity and the breath throughout the day?
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    Peppermint oil. Works pretty well. Just a drop or two on/under the toung and my breath is much fresher.

    I've also been thinking about making my own homeage mouthwash and carrying a small container with me.
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      Indians chew on whole spices like green cardamom pods, anise seeds, fennel seeds and clove. All those can be kept in a pillbox in your purse. There are also natural breath drops you can find at health food stores. Some of these contain chlorophyll.
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        I bought some breath spray that has pepermint, cinnamon, cloves, and I don't know what else at Whole Foods that works pretty well for immediate refreshment, but doesn't really last a long time. You can also buy oral probiotics that are supposed to help with breath issues and mouth health by promoting good mouth bacteria, but I honestly don't know enough about them to know if they are really good or just trying to ride the probiotic wave.


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          I don't know -- with the lack of sugar in my diet, and flossing/brushing at least once a day, I don't *think* bad breath is a big issue for me. Are other folks having issues?
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            to state the obvious, carry this with this
            Alternately, try this
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              *not making the obvious jokes that this thread title is begging for*

              If you didn't eat bread and starch for lunch, don't worry about it. Brushing and flossing recommendations are meant for people who eat nasty white muck every meal. Fats and greens, meat and fruits simply cannot cultivate dental bacteria the way a glob of white bread can. Primal food practically brushes your teeth while you eat it.
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                Another Indian method of mouth freshening, based on Ayurvedic healing, is oil pulling. Take a tablespoon of sesame oil (coconut oil and olive oil also work, but sesame is preferred) and swish it around in your mouth for 10-15 minutes. Experience tells me to keep your head leaning forward if you don't want to swallow lots of it. The oil pulls bacteria and other nasties from your mouth. When you finally spit it into the sink, it is a thick white liquid. This method makes my mouth feel so incredibly fresh and clean. Far superior to anything else I've tried.

                Here is more info on this: The Health Benefits of Oil Pulling by Edward Group
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                  Originally posted by Mike in Virginia View Post
                  spit it into the sink
                  Please don't put fat, oil or grease into the sink. It should be discarded with the trash. Fat, oil and grease poured down drains is a problem everywhere:
                  fats oils grease - Google Search

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                    Wow, thank you a lot, everyone!

                    It's not a bad breath issue, but sometimes I just feel the need to fresh up the mouth (and, yes, I take the toothbrush with me).

                    HillsideGina, your suggestions of the seeds is pretty convincing and practical!
                    The pepermint oil solution looks promising too, and I'm pretty curious about the oil pulling method... Have to try it.
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                      can I chime in here and ask if anyone has ever found research or how I can prove that almond oil, peppermint oil, and spearmint oil kill the bacteria that feed off of simple sugars in ones mouth that grow and cause tooth decay, gum recession, plaque, etc..