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    okay, so I just found out about "lucid dreaming" yesterday, so I decided to start keeping a dream journal. I told myself last night that I would remember my dreams, and SOMEHOW I remembered them -- two of them, actually!

    I was wondering if anyone knew why I could sort of will myself to remember, and two ... does anyone feel more sleepy when they wake up if they've remembered a dream?

    oh, the weird thing is that i rarely remember my dreams.
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    feel free to take a look at my journal!!

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    I think it is normal to remember your dreams.

    There is a good book called Dreamgates by Robert Moss that I bet you would really like.


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      before my nutrition was good i thought i never dreamed. after starting this journey i not only know i dream but i can remember them vividly
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        I've never been able to achieve any of the control aspects of lucid dreaming, but my whole life I've been able to kind of "think" inside my dreams and wake myself up if I wanted to. It's reactive instead of proactive, but I think it's got to be similar to being lucid.


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          Its funny - just a few hours ago I thought to myself "I haven't had a lucid dream in a while."

          I've been keeping a dream journal since I had my first spontaneous LD (Lucid Dream) back in Sept 2004. You can will yourself to remember your dreams because it is a matter of making a conscious effort to remember them. Like when you buy a new car and suddenly you notice how many cars, just like yours, are on the road. Typically we wake up (very briefly) after most dreams, but just fall right back to sleep without thinking about them. You are now waking up and paying attention to the fact you were just dreaming and what the dream was about.

          I had my 46th documented LD on June 26th of this year. Let me tell you....there is nothing like having control of a dream. You can do anything you want. Flying (superman or superwoman style) is incredible. I highly recommend it.

          Here is a great web site: LD4all - the lucid dreamers community. Guide on lucid dreams, dream control, conscious dreaming. tons of info and lots of folks who practice LDing. I have my dream journal on there as well.
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            I keep a dream journal. Funny thing is going back through the journal and thinking "Wow... I don NOT remember dreaming THAT."

            Also, mugwort will aid dreaming. I make a tea of mugwort and chamomile on nights I want to get specific answers from dreams. Sometimes it works. Sometimes I get crazy dreams that make no sense at all.


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              I kept dream journal back in the spring of '85........kinda glad that thing is nowhere to be found, lol!