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PB and dodgy bellies (trying not to be graphic)

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  • PB and dodgy bellies (trying not to be graphic)

    Hey all,

    On my third day of primal eating now, and this morning I've had a dodgy stomach and had to run to the loo a few times. Is this a normal PB thing or have I just got a bug or something? Would really appreciate any advice here as this cost me my part-time bar job this morning since I called in sick and my manager is an extremely distrusting psyc......I digress.

    Is this something I should anitcipate and plan for? I have job interviews next week (for full time jobs which I now really need) and would like to be prepared.


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    Have you been eating more coconut than you're used to, by any chance? That can have interesting effects. Otherwise, 3 days in - probably a bug.


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      this has come up many times on this and other low-carb forums. it is normal. your gut flora is readjusting itself to your new macro-nutrient load. we are a colony of different micro-organisms... some of which prefer carbs over fat and protein. when you stop eating so many carbs (especially the hard to digest grains) those micro-organisms die off in droves and jump ship.


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        Hilary, no coconut here for a while not, sadly.
        Maleficarum, thanks for the info, I'll keep that in mind in the coming days.

        Whether it's a bug or my dying carb-loving gut flora (who I almost feel sorry for, I've been such a good provider until recently), it's good to have answers. Thanks guys


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          i have transitioned between a lot of low-carb / high-carb / high-fat / low-fat diets over the years. Primal is really the first time i did NOT get any weird digestive system reactions to the change. Even scaling back my carb count significantly did not create any unfortunately side effects. You may find that even if you fall off the wagon, you may not suffer the same symptoms again as your gut bacteria may be in a more healthy state. It is said that our immune system starts in our gut. I haven't been sick in about 2 years, even with 3 small kids, a retail job, and only a hit-or-miss approach to primal eating.


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            Just a warning, though: some people find they aren't as troubled by foods, but if you decide one day it's no big deal to eat some bread or something with gluten, your body just might not agree. Many people on these boards can tell you of bloating and frequent bathroom visits from a simple piece of bread when you haven't had any in a while.


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              A sudden change to high-fat from high-carb can cause some issues. You might try ramping up the fat more slowly.

              Although it could very well be an unrelated stomach bug.


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                basically, you're probably gonna feel like krap as you transition from burning carbs to burning fat. For me it was like 2 weeks. For my husband, it was closer to 4 wks. Neither of us had bathroom issues, but we def felt feel draggy & tired, dropped on all our local group bike rides. Then you will feel awesome & start kicking ass. Stick with it.

                sounds like you just coincidentally got a bug at the same time of your transition.


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                  Thanks guys for all the sound advice. I reckon it was just a bug since I feel fine now. Actually I feel quite good.