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Headaches and causes in food

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  • Headaches and causes in food

    I ate four peanut butter chocolate good tasting, but than I got a headache which I think was because of the cookies. For about a week and a half I haven't been eating anything like this.

    Is it likely the headache is from this or just a coincidence? Also if anyone has a technical explanation for what causes this kind of headache that would be cool...I sorta like technical stuff. Its interesting...I read the whole Good Calories Bad Calories book and that was very in depth :P
    Age: 28
    Height: 6'1"
    Primal start date: July 1st 2011
    Start Weight: 275
    Current Weight: 248
    Stats below as of September 1st 2011 Tested via BodPod
    Body Fat 25.4%
    Fat Mass 63.721
    Fat Free Mass 74.6%
    Fat Free Mass 187.087
    Goal weight: 180-200 lbs(Recommended weight is around 180 for my height but that sounds low)
    Total lost so far: 27 lbs