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Primal help for dry skin?

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  • Primal help for dry skin?

    Is increasingly dry skin a sign of anything? I know my water isn't the best here, but I had always hoped that on a Primal diet it would help my skin to not be so dry. Yet, it has seemed to progressed more. Is there a supplement I can take to help you think? I've heard vitamin A is supposed to be good for dry skin...I'm thinking about starting a cod liver oil supplement.


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    I've found that the coconut oil consumption has helped mine just a tad but overall I just have super dry skin. But it also turns out that I seem to need a lot of extra water compared to other normal humans (I figured this out to keep my migraines at bay) and it's also helped my skin. Otherwise cooler, less frequent showers and frugal use of soap if you use any at all. That's all I got. Sorry!!


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      Shorter, cooler showers (chlorine dries the skin), less commercial soap, it's exceedingly drying, try a nice castille soap or one that's simply made of saponified oils, and a natural oil (I've been using a mixture of light olive oil and coconut oil immediately after my showers.)

      I know I'll catch some flack for this, but sometimes adding a little sea salt to your diet helps if you have no issues with water retention or high blood pressure.
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        Well it's mostly on my face that I notice it the most, and I don't use hardly anything on my face. No soaps....only a tinted physical sunscreen most days. I rarely stick my face under the shower nozzle either. It just gets whatever water runs off me from washing my hair lol.

        Last night I had a whole can of coconut milk, and I've been downing coconut oil for awhile I don't think that is helping much.

        I also drink a lot of water husband calls me the camel hehe.


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          My wife takes Vitamin E for her skin.

          Have you ever tried the oil cleansing method of washing your face? You can find it online, but it's basically using oils and steam to wash your face. Oil dissolves in oil, so it cleans out the nasty stuff, but it doesn't dry out your face.

          That may help, but it sounds like something else is going on. How long have you been primal? Just remember that it took you years to get into this condition, and expecting a complete change in a few weeks or even months may not be realistic.


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            Yeah I used to wash with oil, but my skin never did right with it. I have type 2 rosacea, which already causes dry skin, but it seems a lot more pronounced lately. I've been primal for about six months now. It may be a fluke I'm going through. I just know that the least little thing flares up my rosacea, so that's why I've stayed away from washing it at all.

            So your wife takes a Vitamin E supplement? Do you know how many IUs? Thanks!


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              Do you have thyroid issues?

              I find certain PUFAs can really inflame my skin. And anything soy. All soy, even in beauty products makes me dry and flaky. Certain seeds as well. It's taken me nearly a decade to figure it out and I still have a few things that cause issues that I haven't pinpointed yet.
              It certainly helps to eat as plain as possible and avoid bathing. Just do a washcloth to the pits and privates for a couple days between full showers.
              Maybe double check that tinted sunscreen. Even natural ingredients can irritate the skin.


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                Well I've been using that sunscreen forever, so I really doubt it would be that all of a sudden. I just had my bloodwork done and everything came back normal. :/ I decided this morning to put coconut oil on my face before my shower to try and keep in some of the moisture that could be loss due to the hot shower or the pH of my water.


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                  I took cod liver oil last winter for the first time. I usually get dry patches on my knuckles, but didn't this year. I also have a filter on my shower, but I don't know if that helped or not. I use pretty hot water and still didn't get dry skin. I only took about a teaspoon a day.


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                    Eating more fat, especially butter helped out with mine!
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                      I'd echo what others have already said—not too much soap and water and more good fats in the diet. Works for me.

                      Thomas Cowan also mentions sulphur as being important. An easily available source of that is egg yolks. He says you can even put them in your bath water, although he also suggests Epsom salts for that purpose:

                      Dry Skin


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                        I also had dry facial skin in the past, but only when I was trying to wash it to prevent boils. Since discovering boils were being caused only by my diet, I have not needed to wash my face for quite some time. (No significant zits in the past two weeks straight!) I only shower twice per week and avoid getting hot water on my face too much, just in case that might irritate it. But, to be fair, I'm a naturally greasy person and easily get shiny all over with little effort. But I definitely haven't had any facial dryness since I quit washing my face.
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                          +1 on eating high fat, but low pufa's. Eat more liver! Good fats and vitamin A combined in 1 package. I also occasionally use virgin coconut oil on my face as a moisterizer, but after a shower, not before.