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    I was watching The Wild Bunch yesterday, and I noticed what a wide nose he had. Then I looked more carefully and realized his face is quite wide too. That's a really strong face. Compare how he looks to how co-star William Holden looks.

    It made me think of some of the Weston Price photographs. People who've seen the photographs of the little Swiss girls will recall that those who enjoyed good diets had much broader faces with wider noses. Those who ate badly had narrower faces and thinner noses—in some cases leading to breathing difficulty.

    Interestingly, Sally Fallon of the WAPF says somewhere that all her children's teeth erupted normally (something that is very rare in modernized societies). No wisdom teeth remained impacted, none were taken out to "make room", none of the children needed a dental brace.

    That has to be down to the WAPF-style diet she was feeding them. Presumably the Primal Diet, which is rather similar, would have the same effect. By now there are children being brought up on it, and it would be interesting to know if their jaws and faces develop in the normal (as opposed to the average) way.

    Of course, genetics has a lot to do with what your face looks like. Borgnine, for example, was obviously born with genes for a strong face. But if you don't get the right diet that potential pattern that you inherit will never be properly realized.

    I have to say Borgnine takes his shirt off in that movie, and his gut certainly looks gross. He'd evidently let himself go. But he must have been brought up on good food.

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    I always liked old Ernie! In fact he and my Dad were almost look alikes. Broad nose, split tooth and all. My Dad grew up in So. Chicago in the 20-30's not a great time to be a kid of hard knocks and all... He served in WWII as a B17 pilot from 19-21 years old, outside of the alcohol he drank back then he was in great shape (based on old photos) until the plentiful years of the 70-80's when he was eating to much of the SAD of the times. PErhaps he thought he was due... as much as the medical knowledge of the times was stirring us wrong. In the end he had a big gut, but always worked hard everyday and died 2 weeks after complaining of arm pain after painting his house at 74!
    So I think old Ernie falls into that group (age wise born 1917) he was born to Italian parents, so may have a a varied meal growing up but who knows back then. All in all I think many of that generation had things going well for them and then life caught up.. when things get good we all tend to spluge abit aye?

    (Info on Ernest Borgnine gained via Wikipedia)
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      I have a wide face, but i'm predominantly Dutch.
      I'm a paleo foodie, come check out my recipes:


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        I have a much narrower face, nose and dental arch than both my siblings. I also have, by far, the worst healthy issues of anyone in the family. I had a severe dairy allergy as an infant/child and was raised on soy milk. I have at least 3 auto-immune diseases. My siblings have none. Go figure.
        Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )


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          If Ernest Borgnine grew up in a traditional Italian family of that generation he most likely fed heavily on fresh veggies from the family garden and everything else made from scratch. I have to believe that would give one a great head start health-wise in spite of the grains that would have been in the mix.

          I'm mostly Dutch too, and my father was fat with a skinny face & nose - he looked kinda like Hitler from the neck up.


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            That broad face/broad nose theory seems half-baked to me. My husband is one of 13 kids (!!!), all of whom have the same big, honkin' noses and wide faces. It's genetic.


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              Originally posted by dragonmamma View Post
              That broad face/broad nose theory seems half-baked to me. My husband is one of 13 kids (!!!), all of whom have the same big, honkin' noses and wide faces. It's genetic.
              Yes, but you don't realize the genetic pattern properly if you don't get the right nutrition—as the pictures of the girls show. If there were on the whole some girls with narrower faces and thinner noses both in the village with modernized foods and in that with traditional foods it would be one thing. But when they're only turning up in the former it tells you something.

              Nutrition and Physical Degeneration: Chapter 3

              And similar for various other places.