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Primal in a non primal world?

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  • Primal in a non primal world?

    I'm in my room listening to ethnic tribal music.

    Lately I have been craving this kind of music a lot, it helps me to relax and to look inside myself.

    I have been reading of this 40 year old guy, overweight, sick, living a meaningless rat-race life and surrounded by idiots whole only interest in life is football and beer, who suddenly got tired of all this nonsense and got lean and healthy. What I'd like to ask him is what he's doing with hiw new found health and courage to react, now that his old life feels certainly too narrow.

    You see, the more I get healthier, the more I realize what our mind and creativity can really do, the more I get in tune with my body and a more wild-spiritual side (not talking about religion) of myself, the more I get sick of the banal existence people around me accept as the "normality" and would like me to accept as the normality as well.

    Really I can't stand this nonsense anymore: I can't stand waking up and listening the news just to find out what other retarded things our politicians have done, I can't stand trying to communicate with others just to find out that the only thing they want to talk about is fashion; reality shows; television; gossip or talk behind the back of others, I can't stand how our society is becoming more and more traditionalist (bad narrow minded traditionalism, I know even primitive tribes have their traditions) the more global it becomes and I can't stand how people around me can call their nonsense existence of waking up; doing something unexciting the whole day; watching TV all night and going to bed waiting for the same nonsense to repeat itself the next day... living. It's not. Not even an animal would accept such obscenity, they know better and rebel or let themselves starve when they feel themselves entrapped, caged and without hope for something better.

    I'm just realizing that modern society for the most part is nothing but a bunch of human animals in captivity and they are trading their insight, smartness, instincts, fredoom and dreams for the illusion of being protected and well served by a stupid government. People are becoming like hamsters, mindlessly spinning their wheels leading nowhere.

    The point is when what do you do, when you wake up, when you realize you're an hamster and your wheel is fixed firmly in place and your effort is useless, when you realize you're in a cage and suddenly want more?

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    When you take the red pill, there's no going back

    Prioritize: What's most important to you to change in your life, right now?

    Focus: What things most stand in the way of your achieving your goals?

    Finally, this quote from Greg Swann seems appropriate:

    "Freedom is not freedom from the state. Freedom is not freedom from other people, from your neighbors, your boss, your pushy relatives. Freedom is freedom inside your own mind, freedom from the torture and imprisonment of your ego in Room 101, the dungeon of the psyche. If you are free in your mind, you can find a way to liberate yourself from your pushy relations and your snoopy neighbors. If you are free in your mind, you can work by whatever means seem best toward liberation from the state. But if you are enslaved by lies or shame or humiliation or doubt or fear, you cannot be free no matter what your external circumstances."


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      Looks like Grok found some mushrooms in the forest....


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        you hit a chord for me right there. my thoughts and feelings exactly.

        at least i get to do what i like for work, but lately ive found myself thinking along the same lines...

        challenge yourself
        i blog here


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          Niklas, welcome to my world! LOL

          It sucks sometimes, feeling like you're the only sane person in your world. You look at the people around you, who walk around completely ignorant. They're totally absorbed in the latest video game, who won "The Biggest Loser" and are devastated that Oprah is quitting her show. Sometimes I wonder if that ignorance really is bliss. How easy life would be if that's all I cared about.

          Kudos in your choice of music, by the way. I'm a huge fan of tribal music- drumming especially. I don't know your religious perspective, but as a Pagan I find drumming to be wonderfully soothing. "It's like the woman's heartbeat soothing her child in the womb." That's the way a friend, and fellow Pagan, put it to me when I mentioned to her how I could feel the drumming deep inside.

          For some of us, reconnecting with "the old ways" and being Primal isn't just a diet, exercise or lifestyle program. For some of us it's spiritual too.

          I'm not really sure where I'm going with this ramble. *sigh* I'm sort of in a funk right now too. I'm up early, getting ready to express my Grok-ness and go hunting, only to come back to the mundane existence of the rat race tonight. I do not want to work tonight.


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            Diana, I am somewhat curious as to what you mean by pagan? I was under the impression that it was kind of like a blanket statement for polytheism. Is it an ancient form of polytheism?


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              And also I often feel that people do not have their priorities straight in this world. People need to lighten up and realize that there is more to life than the BS most worry about. My realizations have mostly come from experimentation (abuse would actually be a better word to use) of psychedelic though. There is no doubt that grok would eat some mushrooms he found in the forest, and at one time or another, they might be the magic kind.


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                I'm with you guys 100%! I've been having those same thoughts for the last 2 years or so, but I still haven't been able to figure out how to make a meaningful change in my life. I've explored a few options, but I haven't yet found any "realistic" solutions. Growing up in this society makes it much harder to break-out, you have to be willing to give up all the "perceived" benefits, any friends, most likely your family.

                I can say one thing, being able to experience something different can really help you to focus on attaining that difference for yourself. Otherwise you're just reaching for a nebulous concept. For example, I lived in South America for 6 months 2 years ago, and that's when I really "learned" (first hand) that almost the entire American culture is based on two things - buying stuff and judging others based on the stuff they own. And it suddenly became easy for me to just stop partaking of that since I saw how other people (cultures) were so perfectly happy doing things like spending time with friends and family instead. Unfortunately, that WAS 2 years ago, and being back for those 2 years has started to "erode" what I learned... I feel myself getting sucked back into materialism every now and then. It's so hard to fight ALL the time.

                Well, like Diana, I too now feel that I'm rambling...

                Just wanted to say "Me too!"


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                  Damn! (Sirens blaring.) Niklas glimpsed The Matrix! Re-innoculate! Re-innoculate! (Using massive doses of TV and Madison Avenue.)

                  Neo(how appropriate)Paleo has it exactly right. Today, Black Friday, is a huge pimple of a symptom of what is wrong with our society. I opted out of Christmas over 30 years ago and have never regretted it.

                  Here is my standard: "The intellectually inferior discuss people, the average discuss events, the superior discuss ideas."

                  Niklas, welcome to The Cynics Club.


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                    OTB: "No matter how cynical I get, I just can't keep up." Lily Tomlin

                    Niklas, keep exploring and questioning. . .you'll find that as you evolve, you will encounter like minds and spirits (like the ones on this forum!). There may be some growing pains, but it's worth it. The world needs more people who are awake, not stupefied.


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                      Niklas, sounds like you've discovered the utter banality of popular culture. It's a shock, isn't it? As a sociologist, I encounter this daily.

                      The best you can do is create an oasis for yourself where you don't have to deal with that stuff. We have a television and it's rarely, if ever, on. We keep it mostly for the kids to use when they bring over their Wii, and as a monitor for DVDs. I don't read a newspaper; I get what I need off of the Net, mostly. It's just not worth wasting my time trying to wade through the pundits and the talking heads anymore. And isn't what we're doing here on MDA part of that disconnection from popular culture? If CW isn't a prime example of popular culture, what is?

                      I'd agree with Catalina that the world needs more people who are aware. Sorry that it's hard to swallow the red pill, but you'll come out the other side better for it.

                      Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

                      Looking for my Cholesterol Primer? Here it is:

                      Ditch the scale!:

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                        It sounds odd but I've always felt more of a spectator than an actor.... like through school, not seeing why girls were so wound up about who fancied who and what they'd said in Maths class.... like recently, not getting the fascination with Big Brother etc etc. Or the bane of my life - the soaps!


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                          It's an interesting question, and something that's definitely worth examining.

                          As humans living in the modern age, we have the freedom to do almost anything we want. In a situation where we don't have to worry too much about where our next meal is coming from, it becomes a question of "What IS our life supposed to be?"

                          In Grok's time, the meaning of life was simply to survive and procreate... but that's pretty easy in our "first world" developed civilizations.

                          Beyond survival, is one course of action any "better" than another? One person might try to climb the corporate ladder and spend their free time sitting in front of the TV, while someone else might be getting in touch with nature or meditating or trying to help others. Is one inherently better or worse than the other? It's hard to say.

                          Does our life have any meaning beyond survival? And what about those of us who decide they don't want to reproduce? What is life then?


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                            Sounds like you've been smoking some serious weed.


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                              I don't criticize individuals who choose to live what I would consider a banal existence. If what they want is watching television all day, so be it. But that's not what I was talking about, as others have guessed.

                              My problem is with a banal narrow-minded culture that brainwashes people (through institutions, school, government...) to the point that they don't even know there are different ways to be in the world (something which is instinctive in humans, expecially in primitive ones: exploring new ways to be in the world)

                              A choice is a choice only if you're informed about the alternatives and equally assisted whatever your choice is. If a group of blindfolded people is carried to an underground room and they're told that the world has been destroyed by a nuclear weapon and they can't go out without deadly polluting their organism, would you consider their decision to stay in the room a "true personal choice"?

                              We don't have freedom in the modern world, it's just an illusion as dozen of philosophers and sociologists have stated. The only reason we don't call the modern life "dictatorship", it's because dictatorship became smart enough to employ more subtle ways to dominate and dumb down people making them self-discipliners according to the will of the system. Violent and frank "dictatorship" just wasn't working anymore as people learned to rebel. According to some, life is worse now because at least in the past we could recognize the tyrants and would be united in fighting them.

                              I doubt Grok cared only for survival. The oldest musical instrument found intact is a Neaderthal flute.

                              This means Grok wanted to survive because he had interests in life: music, art, exploration, play, friendship... Diamond observed modern primitive societies unaware of the modern world and found more sense of humor, of leisure time, of creativity, of immagination, of hedonism in them than in our workcoholic modern culture.

                              Repression is the problem (and according to few cognitive researchers the cause of all discontent) and a repressed potential is worse than a naturally small potential. When I see how militant traditionalism atrophies people's mind, narrowing their mind potential to the acceptance of a couple of flawed ideologies created to manipulate them and those around them, what I see is repression and dehumanization.