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Primal in a non primal world?

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    DR have you tried

    “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” -Oscar Wilde
    "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." -George Bernard Shaw
    "The trouble with jogging is that the ice falls out of your glass." -Martin Mull


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      I actually think there's nothing too philosophical on this thread. They're the same thought whatever "animal" would have (at some level) in a condition of captivity.

      I'm pretty sure that if those tribes of Tanzania with their non repressed instinct, with their dishinibited emotions, with their sense of community were suddenly put into a lifestyle of rat-race, repression, shallowness and alienation where you don't even know why you do certain things, since they have become so ingrained to be meaninless actions... they would have the same thoughts I'm having.

      There are actually books that explain that the least suspect (primitive tribes, children) are actually the most intellectual and philosophical beings, to a deeper level than even accademy philosophers. I'm pretty sure those people are not shallow, where by shallow I mean the modern dumb identity of people who don't want to challenge their minds with new discoveries and ideas, where the same useless concepts are repeated from morning to nights, where arrogance exceeds curiosity and humbleness, where awe for life is non-existant and behaviors are manipulated by limited and dogmatic agenda.

      I'm pretty sure that the most ignorant simpleton from an african village would be a more interesting converser than your typical western middle-class guy.

      In fact my experience is that a small child is a better converser than your typical western middle-class guy. You might call a child "ignorant" to the point that there are many things he/she doesn't know, but he/she has a stronger level of intuition and interaction that makes whatever conversation more interesting, more self-developing, more inclined to take new directions and stimulate your instinctive sense of curiosity and marvel.

      In fact when I say "I want more" and I'm tired of this shallow boring culture, I don't mean I need anything sophisticated. Even a stupid video on youtube would do, because even to make a stupid video you need some kind of creative drive and hence explorative urge and hence a whole host of ideas and thoughts to share and discuss, that certain apathetic, dead-inside, intellectually hollow bankers I know don't have.

      By "intellectual" I don't mean anything accademic, it's just having thoughts, having personal thoughts (rather than pre-made conformist boring thoughts) and a drive to concretize them.

      Even a kid making a banner to bring to her favorite singer concert is intellectual.

      Banality is not "simple things", there's nothing banal in simple things and the simple passions of true human beings, banality is living your life in autopilot and having no genuine thought left in your mind, only default discourses on weather or gossip about other people or stereotypes.

      In fact I might hate television and radio and to wake up with the news about our retarded politicians, but I love youtube. I love people who talk about their passions, who teaches what they know, who express their creativity. It doesn't matter how amateur or simple-minded. Even a girl talking about ways to make your eyelashes darker or your hair softer, explaining how to saran wrap your hair or use the rimmel is inspiring in its own way, a genuine thought and a genuine passion.

      I wish I cold explain properly what I mean but it's very hard to put into words.


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        Couldn't agree more with the original post and other responses.

        As a recent college graduate (and someone whose always had a very open/creative mind), I find myself asking the same questions every day.

        I look around at my current co-workers who only discuss what's on their DVR queue, how far away we are from Friday night, and getting in heated discussions about where to go for lunch (Pizza vs. Chinese vs. Spanish).

        There is no question that living healthy and primal open your mind up to new thoughts, hobbies, skills and activities.

        The ultimate question is -- how do you separate yourself from the status quo?