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Annual Primal Hawaii Vacation - Are You Ready?

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  • Annual Primal Hawaii Vacation - Are You Ready?

    Who wants to go to Hawaii with me?

    Ah, you are probably thinking.... uh, I do! But, I can't afford that!

    Oh, yes you can!! I GUARANTEE it!

    Have you ever heard of a hostel? Hawaii has them all over the place. Checkout this Hostel Guide:

    Hawaii Hostels Guide - Backpackers guide to Hostels in Hawaii.

    And, more specifically checkout this hotel:

    Waikiki Beachside Hostel: Group Reservations

    Do you see those rates? 8 person large dorm room for $208 per room plus tax. That is $20-$30 per night folks! If we get a large group... Say 24-100 then I am sure we will get an additional discount.

    A flight will be expensive for some but that will be your biggest expense.

    Hawaii has a lot of wild boar so maybe we can hunt down a wild boar! And fishing is obviously huge in Hawaii. Or we can bring our own food too.

    We can make it super cheap if we try our damned hardest. I guarantee you. I know I can get at least 2 dozen of you to join me. Right? I want to go to Hawaii this year. I will do that with or without you. At the very least a large group of us can start going their annually starting in 2012.

    Let me know what you guys think!!
    Find me at Cheers!